Bauer folds TV Week Soap Extra


Bauer Media’s TV Week Soap Extra has issued its final edition, ending a nearly 2 year run as a stand alone magazine.

Editor Erin McWhirter told TV Tonight the focus on Aussie and international soaps would merge with its parent mag, the long-running TV Week.

“The decision has been made to transition the content from TV Week Soap Extra into its parent title, TV Week, one of Bauer Media Group’s biggest selling magazines,” she said.

“Whilst Soap Extra has attained a loyal following since launch, due to the relative size of the soap market the business decision has been made that the popular content from Soap Extra is better placed within TV Week.

“After the last issue of Soap Extra, TV Week magazine will have an additional six page special of Soap Extra content.”

Soap Extra launched in January 2014.


  1. I wonder if the cover price of TV Week will go up on Monday 9/11? I bought every issue of Soap Extra. It was okay, nothing special. I always entered the crossword competition and then they decided it wasn’t worth offering prizes anymore. It had lots of focus on American soaps which was disappointing. As an Australian publication it should have focused more on Aussie soaps. Oh well. I’ll still buy TV Week every week. ( I just recycled the 2009 issues.)

  2. I love TV Week but have to admit I stopped buying it – I can’t remember the last time I saw some Neighbours stars on the cover, Home & Away may rate better but it’s certainly don’t the better soap!

  3. Big deal 6 extra pages isn’t much I am disappointed that the magazine is being discontinued I love reading Soap Magazines and there is room for 3 on the shelves

    • Agree about there still being a market for those that don’t use computing device but there are other alternatives to the epg. I remember before the days of epg being a regular buyer to the tv week up until the herald sun started to print their own tv guide in the paper.

  4. Do people still buy mags like this? With the internet these days I would’ve thought the market for tv mags would’ve diminished especially with epgs, less Australian dramas and being behind in Australia for alot of overseas content?

      • Understandable if you have no internet presence but since the covers are about home and away I figure the main story was about home and away. So particularly the last few years when I used to watch I found the official home and away site gave enough sneak peaks and the week ahead daily program information was pretty detailed to not need a soapie mag.

  5. Really don’t know how a TV listings mag in Australia survives considering how the networks don’t like to let viewers know what they’re airing until days before hand. At least in the UK listings are locked in 6-days before publication while the US networks publish schedules months in advance.

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