Best Gogglebox lines: Nov 4


It was an emotional episode of Gogglebox as the families discussed the question of euthanasia.

For the Dalton family, who touched upon family losses, it was particularly poignant.

The Block:
What’s this got to do with renovating?
This is doing my block this episode.
You know The Block has too many episodes to fill.
I’m over saturated with The Block.

Age Gap Love:
MILFS? Don’t know that one.
Looks like a Grindr picture.
He just want to stay in the country.
Her vagina would look like a peach and your d*** would look like a would little crinkled up sausage.

The Living Room (Halloween):
It’s like Play School for adults isn’t it?
I can’t understand a word (Miguel) says.
I reckon Dr. Chris Brown would be so kinky.

A Place to Call Home:
It’s a bit like Downton. But Austrayan.
I can tell he’s gay because he’s pretty.
He’s allowed to sneak around and she’s not?
I love it. It’s a good show.
Australian actors are getting jobs and doing well.

How Not to Behave:
Her hair looks like she’s just stepped out from a hurricane.

The Project:
What’s Jimmy Barnes doing on this show?

ABC News:
Don’t they report from Western Australia?
You can’t believe all this shit you hear.

Movie: The Empire Strikes Back:
I’ve never watched Star Wars.
Incest! Incest!
How can anyone understand the big hairy bloke?
What is a Yoda?
This is exactly off Toy Story #2.
How many days until Episode 7?
You know what would have helped this movie? A song.


  1. What they said about the Block sums it up for most of us!
    the Block – 985,000 episodes – 10 seasons in what a year and a half?
    I watch the Block for renovation – not cooking?
    Never heard of the Hotplate – what’s that?

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