Celebrity Apprentice: grand final


Celebrity Apprentice concludes tonight on Nine as Tim Dormer and Sophie Monk battle it out for the 2015 title and $100,000 for their chosen charity.

Former X Factor boyband What About Tonight will also make an appearance.

It’s down to the last two. Neither Tim, nor Sophie, thought they would be standing here at the final hurdle, but after taking down 10 other celebrities, one of them is on the verge of becoming The Celebrity Apprentice for 2015, and winning $100,000 for their charity. And what a challenge it is…

Mr Bouris is tasking the final two celebrities with branding our wonderful country, Australia. Sophie and Tim must come up with an integrated print and television campaign to market Australia to the world. With just two days to produce a unique and spectacular brand campaign, they must then present it to an audience of high profile business professionals… but luckily they don’t have to do it alone! Mr Bouris is bringing in the big guns, with series favourites Richard, Matt, James, Tegan, Mel and Gina all returning to lend a hand.

8:4pm Wednesday on Nine.


  1. I’m probably the only one, but I’ll be watching! Don’t mind it! It’s just nice light ‘crap’ to watch after an intense day (I’m a teacher, my worst classes are all on a Wednesday!)

    • Your not the only one. I still think it’s a fun show to watch 🙂 I wanted either Tim or Sophie in the finale so ill be glad either way. Just cant stand Richard Reid

      • Yes, there are actually a few of us CA fans out there.
        It is fun and frivolous to watch and the ridiculous one -sided “feud” between Richard and Tim has been entertaining.
        Can’t stand Richard either – he used to come across as a lovely, zany guy when he was a Hollywood gossip reporter but it was obviously all so fake.
        He has come across as really horrible and so childish on CA – Tim really hasn’t had to try too hard to show him up in a bad light.
        Yes, Tim or Sophie have been great contestants – either of them are deserving winners.

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