Cyrus wins X Factor 2015

X Factor winner Cyrus

19 year old Cyrus Villanueva has won The X Factor 2015.

The Wollongong teen was the favourite to win the talent quest, barely putting a foot wrong across the series.

He defeated 31 year old mum Louise Adams to snare a recording contract with Sony.

“This whole experience has been unreal. I can’t thank everyone enough,” he said.

Cyrus’ mentor Chris Isaak said, “I’m so proud of him.”

“You’re a star, you have everything,” Guy said.

James told him, “You have the voice of an angel.”

Dannii added: “You have something that moves people. It’s always a celebration in everyone’s hearts and souls.”

“It’s been a great pleasure riding on your coattails. You are a fantastic, strong and beautiful musician,” Louise Adams added.

Duo Jess & Matt were eliminated earlier, taking third place.

“These guys are so talented. When they sing, it moves you to the core,” said Guy Sebastian.

The grand final saw Dannii and Kylie Minogue reunited on stage for a performance of Christmas disco track 100 Degrees, plus Jason Derulo, Rudimental and James Blunt.

Cyrus’ new single Stone is now available on iTunes.


  1. Congrats to Cyrus – well deserved as he has by far the best voice out of all the contestants and he’s very versatile – he can make just about anything sound good.
    A little smooth for my taste but still such a lovely, highly talented young guy.
    Loved the ending where everyone was genuinely happy and excited for him and hoisted him up on their shoulders.
    Chris Isaak and James Blunt in particular have been fantastic and wonderful mentors.
    Wasn’t sure about how Chris would come across at first -thought he may be a little arrogant and insincere but he turned out to be the most genuine and caring mentor there.
    So good to see such a generous spirited and exuberant response by all to Cyrus winning.

  2. The ending was pretty funny with Luke trying to get a word in with Cyrus but all his family, friends and fellow contestants hugging him.

    Don’t really agree that all the guest acts were Grand Final worthy but Dannii & Kylie was fun

  3. All in all wasn’t a very exciting series of X Factor the Grand Finalists were not strong with the exception of Cyrus. Natalie definitely should have been standing there with him at the end.

  4. What a surprise! Didn’t watch a minute except for the Dannii and Kylie duet, and said all season Cyrus would win from all the advertising 7 pumped out swayed in his direction. Manipulative much?

    • Trying to be objective here – Cyrus does have talent. And I do not believe the X-Factor promotion was very ‘Cyrus-centred’ all season. I could only remember Big T during the promotion.

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