Gay couple set for ‘NZ wedding’ in third Married at First Sight series


EXCLUSIVE: A same sex couple is set appear in Married at First Sight on Nine.

“We are casting at the moment for a same sex couple and we’re going to take them to New Zealand to get married, because that’s how it works in that country,” Nine’s Director of Programming and Production, Andrew Backwell revealed today.

While the marriage will not be legal, Nine is keen to highlight the differences in marriage equality.

“There is no same-sex marriage (in Australia) at the moment. Personally I hope it’s going to change,” he said.

“So we will make a point to illustrate that you do have to leave the country to get married.

“I think it will be fascinating,” he said.

Nine is currently filming a second season, currently being filmed, with the gay couple to appear in a third season for either 2016 or 2017.


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