Gogglebox tops for TEN, multichannels help Nine nab quiet Thursday.

Ratings: But there was nothing over the magic million last night...


Last night both Seven and Nine drew a dead heat in primary channel share, but Nine eclipsed its rival thanks to its multichannel share.

But there was no show to crack the magic million last night, with RBT the top non-news or current affairs show of the night.

Home and Away was Seven’s best performer in entertainment shows while TEN’s Gogglebox won its timeslot and all the Demos.

Socceroos World Cup Qualifier helped SBS lift its share modestly.

Nine network won with 28.0% then Seven 26.9%, TEN 21.8%, ABC 16.3% and SBS 7.0%.

Nine News (924,000 / 903,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (875,000), RBT (815,000 / 746,000), Hot Seat (490,000) and The Verdict (465,000). I Am Innocent was 282,000.

Seven News topped the night with 962,000 / 930,000 for Seven then Home and Away (725,000), The Chase (586,000 / 384,000), Surveillance Oz: Dashcam (584,000), Mighty Cruise Ships (581,000) and Car Crash TV (418,000). The Amazing Race was 160,000.

Gogglebox led for TEN with 631,000. The Project was 534,000 / 376,000, Jamie’s Super Foods was 532,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 458,000 and Law and Order: SVU was 356,000.

ABC News (741,000), 7:30 (602,000), The Chaser’s Media Circus (482,000), Sherlock (328,000), Antiques Roadshow (261,000) comprised ABC’s night. Please Like Me was just 127,000.

World Cup Qualifier (226,000), Destination Flavour Japan (142,000), Shane Delia’s Spice Journey (128,000), and SBS World News (96,000) made up SBS.

Judge John Deed (219,000) was best on multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 12 November 2015.

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  1. Just watched Please Like Me and what an absolutely brilliant episode. It is never a laugh out loud show, but tonight’s episode was just so poignant. I do think Josh will develop as a great director.

  2. Yes, have loved Gogglebox from the very beginning.
    Glad to see all the doubters who called it pointless and predicted it would never work, proved wrong.
    Good to see it doing so well – look forward to my weekly Thursday night fix.
    Love Anastasia and her malaka commentary – she’s hilarious.

    1. I don’t think I bagged it here but I certainly thought Gogglebox would be rubbish but it’s great funny TV. I’m still surprised I like it but I hate missing it when I’m away. The old lady is the funniest person on TV at the moment but I don’t dislike watching any of them. Different casting would make for a very differnt program though.

  3. Great to see Gogglebox working for TEN in the absence of The Bachelorette (and anything else that is rating well for them at the moment). I suppose they are ending the year with a whimper.

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