Gruen wraps strong season, Nine wins Wednesday

Ratings: Gruen was never under 900,000 all season -but what's going on with SBS World News?


Gruen has ended a stellar run on ABC winning its timeslot again with 948,000 viewers. The show has never dipped below 900,000 all season (last week’s 897,000 was eventually adjusted to 900,000). Host Wil Anderson gave no indication if the show would return in 2016 -fingers xd.

Nine had a good night with The Block at #1 on its best Wednesday this season, and Celebrity Apprentice also had its best outing this year.

Seven News pipped Nine’s and The Chase remains ahead of Hot Seat.

Meanwhile TEN underperformed from 7:30 but what’s going on with SBS World News? Just 98,000 needs some addressing within.

Nine network won wth 19.1% then Seven 27.9%, ABC 18.9%, TEN 18.3% and SBS 5.8%.

The Block topped the night for Nine on 1.04m viewers then Nine News (985,000 / 961,000), A Current Affair (926,000), Celebrity Apprentice (625,000) and Hot Seat (507,000). Flash Families was just 291,000.

Seven News (1.000m / 927,000) was best for Seven then Highway Patrol (754,000 / 680,000), Home and Away (739,000), Blindspot (659,000), The Chase (579,000 / 377,000) and The Blacklist (417,000). The Player was 184,000 and Heroes Reborn was 97,000.

Gruen led ABC with 948,000 then ABC News (811,000), 7:30 (722,000), Kitchen Cabinet (662,000), The Ex-PM (594,000) and Antiques Roadshow (258,000). Sammy J and Randy in Ricketts Lane was 184,000.

The Project (556,000 / 430,000) was best for TEN. TEN Eyewitness News was 480,000, Modern Family was 391,000 / 382,000, Madam Secretary was 350,000 and The Good Wife was just 292,000.

On SBS it was 24 Hours in Emergency (222,000), Underground Britain (203,000), Fargo (148,000) and SBS World News (98,000).

ABC2’s Peter Rabbit was best on multichannels at 239,000.

Sunrise: 321,000
Today: 315,000
ABC News Breakfast: 100,000 / 53,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 11 November 2015

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  1. For me I am finding Fargo S2 a real dissapointment, I am finding it pretty boring so far. I loved season one, but S2 is ok but nowhere near as good as S1, I can not fault the acting but I suppose for me the story/way it is filmed is more style over substance, but that is just me.

  2. Gruen has too return next year because its winning in its timeslot and people love it, i know i do. The only question is do Will, Russel and Todd as well as the guest experts want to return. Gruen has been going around for at least five to six years now and at some point Will in particular and Todd would probably want to do something else. Russel looks like he could talk about ads forever.

  3. SBS World News used to be a beacon of balance and integrity in the seedy, tacky TV ‘news’ landscape. But lately their newsreaders and reporters have become too opinionated and their political bias is obvious, almost like a broadcast version of the Guardian. I don’t want my news to lecture me on what to think. I just want the facts so that I can make my own mind up.

    1. I watch the first half hour of SBS World News a couple of times a week and the Guardian Australian edition is my preferred source of written journalism. I don’t consider myself “being lectured to”.

  4. Still enjoying Celeb Apprentice.
    Timmy definitely deserves to win – a really clever and quick thinking guy who thinks outside the box.
    But gee the rest of them really don’t like him at all – he has a knack of always rubbing people up the wrong way.
    Richard Reid really hasn’t done himself any favours by going on the show – so spiteful and petulant… he has come across in a really bad light.

  5. Will The Chase keep airing through some of the summer??? From memory they did it with MDM as well….
    Though it really annoys me with the adverts they do for it, most the time there is no need to watch the full hour as you already know what is about to happen in the final chase, sometimes you only need to watch for the last 30 seconds!!!

      1. Two years ago when MDM first started they had new episodes on through December before Xmas and the tennis kicked in…. Surely they wont give us repeats of The Chase as it has only been on 5 minutes….

      2. Actually David, the promos show the upcoming episode or the week’s episodes.
        Most of the time the ads do show what will happen before the final chase.
        Sometimes you can tell all 4 players make it to the final chase.
        Worst example of a promo ruining the suspense of The Chase Australia was the following.
        The promo downright said Anne needed to catch a ‘world record’ of 28 steps placed by a 4 person team. If you looked more closely, you could see a bit of gold indicating a win.

    1. Fargo’s great but I watch it later as there is too much on Wednesdays.

      Saw Machete Kills for the first time last night. Bat sh!t crazy, but good. Videodrome afterwards was almost normal in comparison.

    2. Yeah, loving it.
      Reminds me a lot of Breaking Bad in parts, with all the “gangsta” wars and similar scenarios.
      But definitely not everyone’s “cup of tea” – pretty violent and obtuse at times.
      Also being on SBS , at 9.30 pm , it was never going to attract a huge audience.

  6. Ten may as well keep Madam Secretary and Good Wife going throughout summer as both shows are good but bombing in the ratings. From a business sense, they are doing the right thing holding off new eps of Modern Family and NCIS to strengthen their 2016 slate as clearly their cupboard is bare at the back end of the year where they are ending the ratings year with a whimper.

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