Have You Been Paying Attention: Year in Review


Monday’s Have You Been Paying Attention is a Year In Review Special.

Joining host Tom Gleisner are Sam Pang, Ed Kavalee, Jane Kennedy, Abby Coleman, Marty Sheargold.

Making hilarity from the headlines, we go back through all the big moments from 2015 and see just how much you can remember from the past 12 months. Who captured the heart of Sam Frost? What happened to Tony Abbott? Who broke up? Who made up?

It is the chance to test our contestants on all things celebrity, politics, sport, current affairs, pop culture and international events from the year that was.

Adding to the laughs and back by popular demand, Lee Lin Chin makes a welcomed return to the quiz master podium. Making his quiz master debut, the Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten MP also drops by to lend a hand.

How much of 2015 can you remember? Test yourself against our seasoned professionals on the Have You Been Paying Attention to 2015? Year In Review Special.

8:30pm Monday November 23 on TEN.


  1. A lesson in patience for the networks if ever there was one. It was their year in review episode last year that got me hooked on this show and I’ve barely missed an episode since. Great show and awesome to see it turn into a good performer for Ten after a very slow ratings start.

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