Junior Eurovision 2015: results


Malta’s Destiny Chukunyere has won Junior Eurovision 2015, held yesterday in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Australia’s first official¬†Junior Eurovision entrant, Bella Paige finished in 8th place.

Malta’ entry “Not My Soul” won with 185 points, the highest point total in Junior Eurovision Song Contest history.

Second place went to MIKA from Armenia with “Love”, and third place went to Slovenia’s Lina Kuduzovińá with her song “Prva ljubezen.”

SBS broadcast the event Live for the first time early yesterday morning, with a primetime repeat this Saturday night at 7:30pm, Ash London and Toby Truslove.

The full results are as follows:

185 points – Malta
176 points – Armenia
112 points – Slovenia
105 points – Belarus
93 points – Albania
80 points – Russia
79 points – Serbia
64 points – Australia
62 points – Bulgaria
51 points – Georgia
38 points – Ukraine
36 points – Ireland
36 points – Montenegro
36 points – San Marino
35 points – The Netherlands
34 points – Italy
26 points – Macedonia

Source: JuniorEurovision.tv

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  1. That was a great song from Malta. Stood out from the rest by a mile. Poor Bella didn’t stand a chance especially as there were so many songs that were similar.

    Was good to have SBS broadcast it live although I can’t imagine it had a lot of viewers as SBS never really seemed to promote it, instead only running ads for the delayed broadcast.

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