Karl Stefanovic caught in Paris panic

Waiting media were caught up in false panic as screams began and Parisians start to run.

Today show co-host Karl Stefanovic was momentarily caught up in false panic on the streets of Paris whilst waiting to file his latest report.

Media on the street were surrounded by public mourners a vigil at Le Carillon when screams were heard and some began running.

“This is how quickly things can change,” he later told viewers.

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  1. 1. Stefanovic shouldn’t even be there. 2. The ratings grab by Seven and Nine is diabolical.

    Do the networks realise parading presenters on street corners for hours is not only giving terrorists the attention they crave but putting a target on presenters backs.

  2. Don’t know why 9 advertise this, all journalists were caught in the same panic attack not just Karl, 7 haven’t advertised their encounter as much as 9, there again 9 have to try and get the spotlight. See that 9 also are putting on one hour of Hot Seat the same as the Chase Australia.

  3. The news chiefs need to treat this very carefully – presenters shouldn’t be sitting on street corners for hours on end or this close to sites. By all means go live from an isolated vantage point or your hotel room balcony. Venture out to report but don’t grandstand there when the city is on a war footing.

  4. @daveinprogress understand your point but just about all major networks around the world will have a presenter or 2 standing on the streets of Paris this week… i know Ch7 have sent Sam as well… so its just a thing… i dont know how much of an impact of having these presenters standing on a road will add to the trauma… maybe some…iam not convinced of that argument…. and then you have moments like this with Karl this morning that will make it into promos for weeks to come…

    1. Yep, my point though is that adds more obstruction to a clean up process and general restoring of order. I don’t decry every network being there but if you multiply each journo times three; the local correspondent, the national newsreader, current affairs reporter; each with a producer; camera and sound; it adds up….

      1. I’m with Dave. Just because “it’s a thing” doesn’t make it a good thing. The network’s foreign correspondents are the best-placed people to be reporting on this. Flying in the Talking Heads adds nothing bar some false gravitas for the people who watch the morning shows and think these people are stars.

        These extra people who are flown into disaster areas are also a drain on sometimes stretched resources (though prob not in this case) and often only add to the confusion when police are trying to ascertain who might be a threat or managing crowds of flighty people.

        It would seem that the rule-of-thumb is that the local reporters are only used when they need someone to stand in front of a place where something happened hours ago or might happen at some indeterminate future time.

  5. No disrespect to Karl individually, but the story is the city and its trauma. Each network already has foreign correspondents or at least journos in the regions; rendering flying the top shelf presenters there pretty irrelevant. It’s just adding to the chaos and difficulty for the city and its people to mend its broken pieces.

    1. Agree, I don’t quite understand why having foreign correspondents and then not allowing them to front these broadcasts as they would have a better knowledge of the area and the background of what is happening…..

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