Peep Show: US pilot video emerges

Before The Big Bang Theory, Johnny Galecki filmed a Pilot of the US version of Peep Show.

Before he boarded The Big Bang Theory, Johnny Galecki filmed a Pilot of the US version of UK comedy, Peep Show.

Whilst two adaptations failed, old VHS footage of one has new been uploaded to YouTube.

A third crack at the David Mitchell and Robert Webb show is now being attempted, whilst the UK original has now concluded filming.

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  1. This is without doubt the funniest sitcom (single-cam or multi-cam) I’ve seen from anywhere in the world in the last ten years (OK, apart from South Park, which is still hilarious). The first four seasons are spectacular, then it sags in the fifth and sixth, but it bounces back after that.

    That YouTube pilot is terrible. The British version’s deadpan tone allows the comedy to come through better. The US version, like the US attempt at Men Behaving Badly, goes overboard and screams out “Sitcom!” They should have just put a laugh track on it and be done with it. And Johnny Galecki’s nasal accent doesn’t work – Mitchell and Webb have posh accents which contrast with their grungy surroundings, giving it that Withnail and I vibe.

    1. Yeah, loved Peep Show. Agree regarding the dip. I drifted away during S6, partly due to clashes with other content but obviously I didn’t care enough to chase the eps up on iView. Somehow missed S7 but came back for S8.

      That US pilot wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was going to be. 10 years ago I would prob have watched it if it was on TV.

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