Presto updates community forum


Presto has updated its community forum in which users are given technical help in lieu of a manned call service.



Shaun James, Presto TV CEO, said, “More and more we’re seeing audiences seeking conversations with brands that go beyond the promoted post, engaging not only with the brand, but also its ideas and the cultural space it works within. Online pop culture communities are amongst the most passionate of all driving the ‘water-cooler’ effect that ensures the best, new shows are the trending topics of online conversation, both on social and in forum communities.

“Through the Presto community forums, Presto customers now see more than just the newsbytes of new content and product features from social feeds, but also drive deeper and more engaging conversations with fellow entertainment lovers.

“Feedback and insights from the Presto Community are increasingly helping to drive product developments and content selection decisions, with the recent fast-tracking of Wentworth Season 3 a prime example of community-powered content delivery – The passionate discussion on both forums and social spaces requesting the show showed there was an audience for this content, and we answered the call.

“Following recent device additions and updates to Presto’s tablet and mobile apps, this is the perfect time to give our community a makeover to make it easier than ever to engage with our great programming and find solutions to technical or account queries. It’s a fantastic complement to our customer communications that helps our customers share opinions and ideas and helps us develop stronger customer insights and a deeper relationship with our most passionate customers.”

The Presto Community website features a new, sleek user interface including drop down “hover” menus, dedicated film and TV discussion areas for the amateur critic in all of us, featured posts that put the spotlight on active content discussions, easy to follow set up guides to new features and services, as well as click-through access to Presto’s online FAQs.

Community members who frequently post tips, comments and conversation starters will find themselves recognised as ‘Most Applauded Users’ as fellow community members ‘applaud’ (up vote) their posts on the site, delivering social feedback for the community’s most active members. Posts from the most ‘applauded’ members will feature on the front page of the Community, spotlighting their discussion contributions.

In addition, the Presto Community Team has added a ‘Meet the Team’ section to help members more easily identify Presto’s Community Team who can offer the best tips for using Presto, discovering the latest content or simply join in the conversation about the best from the big and small screen on Presto with fellow entertainment aficionados.

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  1. Does Presto have a list of shows that are offered only by them? Reason being I have Netflix and Stan already, and there is some crossover content already. I know Wentworth is only available here, just wondering what other shows?

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