Producers contemplate Cup drama


It was a great media story the moment it happened: Michelle Payne rode into history as the first female jockey to win a Melbourne Cup.

She did so on a horse with 101 to 1 odds, and famously telling those who didn’t believe in women as sports champs they could “get stuffed.”

Add to that her spirited brother, strapper Stevie, and her story is under consideration as a drama project.

FremantleMedia Australia chief executive Ian Hogg declined to expand on the telemovie plans at such an early stage in the process but said: “We’d be mad not to jump on a story as good as Michelle’s.”

Perhaps they can toss in the Jessica Mauboy saga as a comedic subplot?

Sunday Night speaks to Michelle Payne tonight at 7pm.

Source: News Corp


  1. barrington bumbaclaart

    This “idea” exemplifies everything that is wrong and bad about Australian TV drama. Aussie producers and writers seem to have no original ideas and keep resorting to boring, lazy biopics, reformatting ideas from overseas or retelling old stories that have been told over and over again. The saddest thing is, the masses keep on watching (albeit in dwindling numbers).

      • barrington bumbaclaart

        It’s not a generalisation, it’s fact based on observation. Australian commercial TV produces way more biopics than the UK (where they are few and far between) and a lot more than you will find on the main US networks, particularly during primetime. When it comes to drama, especially on our commercial networks, the default fallback is biopic and to me that demonstrates a distinct lack of original ideas and I find that a sorry state of affairs.

        • Recent Drama report shows 47 titles in 2014-15 of which 3 are biopics (or 5 if we count 2 x parts for Peter Allen, Molly). Comparing us to countries with inequitable populations is always problematic.

  2. Why can’t a good story just be a good story without being flaunted and dramatised?!

    Sometimes the good stories lose their shine once tv/movie producers get hold of it!!

  3. Yes. I called it. I said to my family that they would make this into a made-for-TV movie/mini series and seeing this article is the “I told you so”

  4. It has the making to be a great tele movie. A battling family from the country, the children lose there mother at a young age, the father is to bring up 10 children on his own, then later on in life they lose a sister and this female jockey comes from no where to win the most important race horse with her brother by her side.

  5. Barrel. Bottom. Scraping.

    Although one suggestion – for the comedic subplot, if it does go ahead please use the drunken woman pushing the copper into the flowerbed, that’s gold right there.

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