Q & A: Hitting Home special

Virginia Trioli will host a special Q&A on domestic violence, immediately following Sarah Ferguson’s doco series Hitting Home.


Next Wednesday night Virginia Trioli will host a special edition of Q&A on domestic violence, immediately following the final part of Sarah Ferguson’s documentary series Hitting Home.

How does domestic violence begin? How does it escalate from control to physical violence and even death? And what can be done to prevent it?

Prime Minister Turnbull says real men don’t hit women and has pledged $100 million to domestic violence services. But which services will be funded? Are we getting our priorities right in tackling this national crisis?

On the panel to discuss the issues and questions raised by the series:

Minister for Women Senator Michaelia Cash
NT Labor Senator Nova Peris
NSW Assistant Police Commissioner Mick Fuller
Professor of Social Work at University of Melbourne Cathy Humphreys
Head of Domestic Violence NSW Moo Baulch
Tina Arena will close the show with a performance of ‘When You’re Ready To Leave’, co-written with Kate Miller Heidke.

Wednesday 25 November at 9.30pm Live on ABC.

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  1. We will have the Q&A buzzword drinking game cards printed out for this one, triple score for words such as resilient, actionable, best practice, empower, results-driven, robust, benchmark, tip of the iceberg and silos

  2. Should be a poignant episode of QandA. Just wish ABC decided to go back on their idea of screening Lateline Live on News24 on Monday nights and just have that for 4 out of 5 nights and have QandA Live on News24 i don’t want to bother using iview. Its better to be on News24. A better use of multi channel.

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