Returning: Getting On

US satire Getting On is back for its final season next month.


US satire Getting On is back for its final season next month.

Appearing as a guest this season is our very own Grant Bowler.

Showcase will air double episodes from December 8th.

“The end is near” for the unconventional, lovable staff of the Billy Barnes Extended Care unit, as Getting On – the hilarious and poignant comedy from the creators of Big Love – returns for its third and final season.

Set eight months after Season 2’s cliffhanger finale, the new episodes find Dr. Jenna James (Laurie Metcalf) determined to put the corporate-hospice scandal behind her, while pushing her research ambitions further than ever before.

While Nurse DiDi (Niecy Nash) emerges as a union leader amidst a family drama that finds its way onto the ward, newly married Nurse Dawn (Alex Borstein) struggles to make sense of her new responsibilities and uncertain future, continuing to circle the orbit of male Supervising Nurse Patsy (Mel Rodriguez), who’s looking to embrace a new lifestyle. With all this playing out against the backdrop of Billy Barnes’ threatened demise, the fight to keep the ward (and hospital) alive brings in new blood and some familiar faces, eventually outing everybody’s dirty little secrets and ending in a series finale that is, literally, explosive!

Tuesdays at 7.30pm and 8.00pm from December 8 on Showcase.

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  1. The original “Getting On” was first seen here on the ABC in a late-night slot. The show starred Comedienne Jo Brand, who co-wrote the scripts and was a Psychiatric Nurse for 10 years. The inspiration came from the British NHS when they started calling people “customers” instead of patients. Like Hitchcock, the show’s director appeared in one episode, playing a Doctor. Does the name Peter Capaldi ring a bell?

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