1. Armchair Analyst

    Not much sport on SBS. Maybe they should consider getting WNBL or other sports that are worthy of TV even if on SBS, i am thinking Baseball, Volleyball, maybe beach Volleyball, Tennis, hopefully they they can get he ATP highlights show this used to air on ABC about 14 years ago. As for their A League coverage i wouldn’t mind if SBS let that go or didint even bother trying to keep it considering FFA wants big money and SBS cant afford it.

  2. What I saw in terms of promotion was insanely Australia centric. As for the actual show I wouldn’t have a clue. I watch the satellite feed of the show without commentary.

  3. Glad Poh, Food Safari and Destination Flavour are back.
    Growing up, seeing an Asian actor was very rare and when you did see one it was seldom that they ever interacted with another Asian actor. So I’m ecstatic to see an Asian-Australian focused series on TV.

  4. So good we will be in Eurovision once again. Be interesting to see how we go in the semis this year tho!

    I’m guessing the fact Stan Grant has a nightly NITV show means he’s defected or been dumped from his nightly two hour Sky News show. That’s a big gap in primetime for Sky to fill. It was only extended to from 1 to 2 hours in June after Peter van Onselen moved his show to daytime.

  5. Very disappointed that we will be competing again. It was fun as a one-off but the charm of it is watching the bizarre acts as an outsider not trying to join in (with all the parochial coverage that follows).

    • As much as I like Eurovision, I think you’re right. Everyone involved is having fun, nobody really takes the entries too seriously (voting is a different matter though!), and I think Australians are culturally incapable of having fun that way. Our (frankly, unpleasant) national psyche means we either have to win, or show we’re not total losers by nastily denigrating others (in the name of “just having a laugh, mate, what’s wrong with you?”, of course). Frankly, as a nation I don’t think we’re capable of just sharing our cheese with everyone else…

      And what, no Hoges or ONJ mini-series coming up next year? Get with the plan, SBS!

      • That would be true if it were a commercial channel – but it’s SBS. They know their audience well enough there’s no way they’d allow it to get too Australia centric. Neither would Julia and Sam allow it.

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