Seven also developing Hogan, Olivia dramas.


And they said they would stop the copycatting….

After word that Nine is developing dramas on Paul Hogan and Olivia Newton-John, today The Australian says Seven also has projects in the pipeline. It claims Seven has been developing projects for 18 months, while Nine is playing catch-up.

Both projects are in development via FremantleMedia.

TV Tonight can report the Paul Hogan project will be directed by Kevin Carlin (Wentworth) and the script is by Keith Thompson (The Sapphires) and Marieke Hardy (Packed To The Rafters, Wonderland, The Family Law). Shooting begins early next year.

Seven expects to air both miniseries next year.


  1. i adore Livvy so would probably watch both if 7 & 9 do one, but i can’t help thinking this biopic tv thing will run out of steam soon. Whats next, ‘Humphrey Bear: He put the B into Bear – the mini series’ ??

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