Seven: first week of summer

Double episodes, finales and premieres hit Seven from Sunday.


Seven’s first week of summer includes double episodes of Home and Away and Quantico, season finals of How To Get Away With Murder, The Blacklist and Heroes Reborn plus first-run eps of Sunday Night, Grey’s Anatomy, What Really Happens in Thailand, Aussie Barbecue Heroes and more.

Surprisingly, the Victorian State Schools Spectacular will go head to head with the NSW Schools Spectacular on Nine -despite networks previously vowing they would not pit similar shows against one another.

Sunday Nov 29
6:00pm Seven News
7:00pm Sunday Night
8:00pm The Force (rpt)
9:00pm Quantico
10:00pm Quantico
11:00pm Grey’s Anatomy

Monday Nov 30
6:00pm Seven News
7:00pm Home And Away dbl
8:00pm The Big Bang Theory
9:00pm Movie: Meet The Parents (rpt)
11:15pm How To Get Away With Murder final

Tuesday Dec 1
7:00pm Home And Away dbl
8:00pm Highway Patrol (rpt)
8:30pm Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA
9:30pm What Really Happens in Thailand
10:30pm Chicago Fire

Wednesday Dec 2
7:00pm Home And Away dbl
8:00pm Aussie Barbecue Heroes
9:00pm Blindspot
10:00pm The Blacklist final
11:00pm Heroes Reborn final

Thursday Dec 3
7:00pm Home And Away dbl
8:00pm Air Rescue
8:30pm The Big Bang Theory
9:30pm The Goldbergs
10:30pm The Amazing Race
11:30pm Grimm

Friday Dec 4
7:00pm Better Homes And Gardens Summer
8:30pm Movie: Double Jeopardy (rpt)
10:45pm Movie: Empire State

Saturday Dec 5
7:00pm 2015 Victorian State Schools Spectacular
8:30pm Movie: Matilda (rpt)
10:40pm Movie: Kindergarten Cop (rpt)

24 Responses

  1. If you don’t watch or like Home & Away then its easy enough to avoid 7-7.30 but sometimes when there is nothing on you’re looking for something to leave on in the background from 7.30 – and if Home & Away is still airing 7.30-8 as well, that rules out leaving Seven on…

  2. Stop complaining people Home And Away will keep airing at 7:pm on 7 for years to come the show has plenty of fans I have always watched the show and am still loving it and it does not worry me that they are screening 8 episodes next week which could be the final week for the year anyway

  3. Be curious to see what seven do with Home and Away, its become a bit of a drag on their prime time schedule. It either needs a revamp or to go elsewhere. It might have worked at 5.30, but the chase seems to have solved Seven’s 5.30 problem for the moment.

    1. Can’t see 7 shifting something that draws 817,000 or so consistently. Replace it with what? More Big Bang Theory? Move to where? Drama quota points?
      On a non-XFactor night – last Wed e.g. – 7 dropped by 93,000 at 7:30. Similar drop on Thurs.

    2. Reasons I gave up home and away months ago.
      1. Years of storylines focused on one family and when most of that family left the show they still had to make it all about that family.
      2. The intense focus on that family meant that some of the other characters were bit players. When they tried to lessen the focus on that family it really highlighted that some of the other characters just weren’t up being the focus.
      3. A certain ex prison friend of the main family and his sister (a google search says she is no longer in the show) were unwatchable. The storyline that turned me off were seeing 2 woman lusting after the scruffy ex prison friend lived in a caravan and had nothing going for him. But he was oh so important because he was a mate of the head of the most important family in Summer Bay.
      4. Double and Triple episodes.

  4. Why would Greys be bumped for a movie repeat?!? (This is why it rates poorly shelved to a late slot & moved about!?!)
    When did it become standard to end the year with doubles of Home and Away (this is another reason why it losing viewers!?!)

  5. Is that new Goldbergs? I thought Seven were playing repeats, but since it’s non-ratings period maybe it’s back! As 80s nerds my husband and I got a massive kick out of that show.

    Speaking of programs I hoped might be back for non-ratings, any word on Once Upon a Time? With the US now two seasons ahead my husband is kind of getting concerned we’re not going to get the rest of it!

    1. I’m pretty sure they ran into non ratings period last year because they chose not to show Home and Away in the second week of the Australian Open so they had an extra week to chuck somewhere

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