Sport to move from GEM to GO!


Live Sport currently seen on GEM will be moved to GO! as part of Nine’s rebranding of its channels.

When Nine becomes a high definition channel and LIFE launches from November 26, GEM will no longer be an HD channel and resume its female-skewing content.

In contrast GO! will be the home of more male-skewing content, meaning Live Sport, such as “over-runs” from Nine broadcasts, will be included.

Other tidbits emerging from Nine’s recent Upfronts:

  • House Husbands new cast member…. will be a new husband.
  • Love Child storylines will head into the Vietnam War
  • This Time Next Year will air in 2017 not 2016, because it takes at least a year to film the subjects involved.
  • Australia’s Got Talent to film at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne (may not be the only venue).
  • The next Block site purchase in Melbourne is in ‘final negotiations.’


  1. When I bought my Flatscreen TV’s, MPEG4 wasnt an option nor was this format scheduled to be introduced at that time.
    To castigate those who cant receive MPEG4 is rude and thoughtless because no one would waste money buying items that could be made redundant long before their working life expires.
    It was this reason I would not buy either a TV or STB with an SD tuner only even though they were much cheaper and the same program was broadcast in both Formats so I waited.

    • GEM won’t be HD so it would have been HD in any case. Whether NRL games screen on Nine is yet to be clarified, and probably depends on wider scheduling. Remember that “northerners” have been stuck with SD almost the whole time any southerners have enjoyed HD.

  2. please channel Nine, get rid of the home shopping on GEM in the morning , just repeat stuff from last evening ,or other programs, if your worried about loosing rating against the Today show !!

  3. Lets stop pussy footing around and use these channel changes to convert all channels to MPEG 4 and please don’t use the excuse a handful of people cannot receive the service…… tough!! update your equipment to the Diital age

    • The vast majority of digital TVs sold in Australia do not support MPEG-4, a few very recent models may, and several models of DVRs do. It’s way more than a handful that don’t.

      Also, the govt would have to legislate a switch to MPEG-4 (and if they did they would likely go DVB-T2, which includes MPEG-4 as well as other improvements over DVB-T – AFAIK no Aust-sold equipment currently supports DVB-T2. None.) It’ll be 10-15 years at least…

      • One of our TVs was made in 2009 and it picks up MPEG-4, I had to enable it in one of the menus (which I discovered when trying to tune the racing channel)

  4. Boo!

    One of the reasons I like GO! so much is that it doesn’t have any sporting content.
    This sucks, I like GO! as it is with the content style they have now.

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    Not surprised to hear that about Go. Looking at the TV guide last night I thought someone had accidentally copied 7mate’s programming into where Go’s should’ve been.

    Will be interesting to see what they do with Go’s bitrate when sport is on – don’t think too many people will be content to watch cricket in legovision.

  6. Kind of makes sense – never understood why the sport was bumped to the supposedly female skewing Gem anyway. Had the advantage of HD I guess but they didn’t care about that for sport on Nine.

      • So with you on the kids programs!! It’s so frustrating!! They seriously don’t need that much!! So often I’ll come home, or I’ll be home on the weekend, and it’s full of crap cartoons. Sucks!

        • A lot of cartoons are pretty good.

          Sonic Boom, Spongebob, Loony Toons Show, Regular Show, Adventure Time, Batman. It’s a good lineup. If it had My Little Pony it would be perfect, but TEN has that (although they like never air it).

    • As a uni student, I can tell you for a fact that GO!’s day-time cartoon line up is quite popular to those living in shared homes.

      The 18 – 25 demographic eats that stuff up and happily.

  7. So not being content with copying each other in regards to their main channel programming now Nine is pretty much turning GO! into a replica of 7mate. Come on.

    • I kind of thought GO were copying 7mate when they started having a night of reality shows in one night. like storage hunter type shows.

      but in a way sports on GO makes sense, its not like GO has much going for it. just old movies, repeats and a few reality shows. having sport may give them more ratings.

      they don’t really know what they want to do with the channel. it started off as a drama/comedy/movie channel to just movies, then movies/comedy/reality and now add sports to the mix.

      GO used to air The Bachelor, should have been on GEM in the first place. now its going to 9LIFE.

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