Star Trek movie week

SBS 2 will screen 8 Star Trek movies across one week, beginning on Sunday, 29 November.


Trekkies are in for a treat with SBS 2 to screen 8 Star Trek movies from Sunday, 29 November – Saturday, 5 December.

Of course the running gag with Star Trek films is that every second one was a goodie….

Take a trip through down Star Trek lane to see the classic sci-fi films where James T. Kirk and later, Jean-Luc Picard take the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise to save humanity from Borg, Klingon and all other manner of Alien threat.

Sunday, 29 November at 8.30pm – Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Monday, 30 November at 8.30pm – Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan
Monday, 30 November ay 10.30pm – Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock
Tuesday, 1 December at 8.30pm – Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home
Wednesday, 2 December at 9.00pm – Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier
Thursday, 3 December at 8.30pm – Star Trek: Generations
Friday, 4 December at 10.00pm – Star Trek: First Contact
Saturday, 5 December at 9.00pm – Star Trek: Insurrection

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    1. I believe the rights are caught up in the split between Paramount TV & Paramount Pictures that happened about the time it was made – the TV rights for the existing (1-5) movies went with one, the rights for 6 (which was under production) went with the other, then the rights for the subsequent TNG movies were done separately.

      Note there’s also no ST: Nemesis. No loss there, particularly when you can still marvel at Uhura’s fan dance in 5…

  1. I guess they’re giving up the pretence of SBS 2 being “the home of emerging culture” and how it “‘challenges the status quo” by targeting 16-39 year olds with diverse content”.

    Nothing against Star Trek movies, with the possible exception of JJ Abrams’ recyclings. I’m just sad to see SBS 2 – once a refuge from SBS, after it went mainstream and soft multigrain (if not completely white bread) – head in the same direction as SBS.

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