TEN 2016 grid: Being upfront about Upfronts

TEN discloses plans for its next 12 months, for the second year running.


One of the truly great things about the TEN Upfronts is they are so candid with their programming plans.

Much like US networks, TEN is happy to disclose its plans to advertisers as a show of confidence. How this contrasts to other networks in Australia….!

So here’s how TEN’s next year is mapped out.

5pm: TEN Eyewitness News
6pm Family Feud
6:30pm The Project
7:30pm Long Lost Family, All Star Family Feud, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, The Grinder, Life in Pieces, Bondi Rescue, Territory Cops, The Living Room
8:30pm & 9:30pm The X-FilesNCIS, Madam Secretary, CSI Cyber, The Good Wife, NCIS: LA, The Graham Norton Show

7:30pm Modern Family, MasterChef, The Living Room
8:30pm & 9:30pm Offspring, Shark Tank, Have You Been Paying Attention? Gogglebox, NCIS, Madam Secretary, CSI Cyber, The Good Wife, NCIS: LA, The Graham Norton Show.

7:30pm The Bachelor Australia, The Great Australian Spelling Bee, Modern Family, The Living Room, Australian Survivor.
8:30pm & 9:30pm Brock, Offspring, Have You Been Paying Attention? The Graham Norton Show.

7:30pm The Bachelorette Australia, Australian Survivor, Jamie Oliver, The Living Room.
8:30pm & 9:30pm The Wrong Girl, NCIS, Madam Secretary, CSI Cyber, The Good Wife, NCIS: LA, The Graham Norton Show.

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  1. Is there any word yet on when they’re planning to screen the X-Files? I heard they’re fast-tracking it, but in the schedule above it could be anywhere in Feb/March/April, which is making my inner geek nervous. It’s starting in the US on January 24 but as far as I know, they haven’t announced a screening date here even though that’s only 3 weeks away.

  2. Good on10 for being upfront with their content. While I don’t always watch 10 they make other Commercial networks look unprofessional! Here’s to an even better year with your tried and true, steady growing and new shows. Hope your risks and strategies are rewarded further!

  3. I wonder how they are going to fit all those shows in at 7:30 in the first quarter? I imagine by “7:30,” it also means 6:30 on a Sunday, but that still leaves a few shows to fit in.

  4. Only reason Seven and Nine don’t lay out their programming like this in advance is that they are so paranoid about competing with each other they leave all their programming decisions to the last minute in order not to give anything away and so they can change and react at the last minute to each other.

    Ten laying it out like this shows their confidence in their product and programming and it is great to see.

  5. I’m surprised no one after 20 odd comments has said “Shouldn’t it read in the 8:30 & 9:30 timeslots 8:42 & 9:39”. Still I’ll give them credit for their mapping of programming for next year.

  6. Ten have also listed Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and and Rosewood (as returning shows!) in the full list on of shows on their website. So only Code Black and Grandfathered they haven’t announced.

    Ten is in 3rd place, needs to build trust with advertisers, and there isn’t much different they could do.
    Seven and Nine rely on there existing position and have more options to they play some games where they think they can gain an advantage. No need to announce things they might change.

    1. Fair enough if you are not taken by the new titles, but TEN is rebuilding on an improved year after years in the wilderness which is the smart thing to do. It’s not wise to throw everything out and start again, so I’m not sure what you were expecting. It’s a bit disappointing when readers always focus on the negative. Remember it is possible to also comment on the shows you enjoy?

      1. I agree David l feel Ten at least is/has tried new and innovative programs. Just think they need to get a new look and feel by changing their logo and the style of their promo’s/overall feel. They did well changing Eleven and now it’s Tens turn. Probably a good time when they make the hyper leap into HD.

  7. Ten has lots of CBS shows. They could either launch a new channel, or convert One, and showcase all the crime shows n action drama. Shows like Blue Blood, Hawaii 50, SVU, NCIS, etc plus older shows like Diagnosis Murder, McGuiver, etc. All on one channel 24/7.

    1. Eleven would be the easiest to do that with given CBS are part owners of the channel, all they’d have to do is stop the double, triple and quad plays of shows. Move some of the other stuff to One to join things like Sons Of Anarchy and etc., I’m thinking American Horror Story/Scream Queens and even Sleepy Hollow given M rated can go at 7:30pm now. Plus a few of the other Fox shows could go there, just rejig things a little and make One kind of the younger viewers destination, while Eleven becomes their 40 plus channel. Nine and Seven are doing the older BBY type viewer, so TEN could cater for those who watched the Northern Exposure, Picket Fences, Twin Peaks type shows back in our 30’s .

  8. Its nice to have an idea what their plans are but I’m not going to believe any of the scheduling until I see it in an epg and air. Interesting to see ten schedule something other than reality in the 7.30pm.

    Not happy that NCIS (original) has not been fast tracked and would expect it to be put to air the minute the big bash is over/ratings start.

    1. I think it is more likely they are bumping it to from a 9:30pm timeslot to a 10:30pm timeslot like Blue Bloods and Hawaii Five-0 after their early seasons when their ratings dropped. Especially given it would be included in TEN’s CBS output deal.

    1. Hawaii Five-0 isn’t listed either but I assume it is because it – like Blue Bloods – aired in a 10:30pm timeslot and only 8:30-9:30pm are of focus here. In terms of SVU, I believe it’s future is still unknown (it was mentioned in the TV Tonight article on the renewal of Chicago Fire and Chicago PD).

  9. Interesting if they move NCIS to 9.30 after having a year of repeats at 8.30. I’d be surprised if they didn’t renew The biggest Loser back to couples format. Also is that what Ten gave for 7:30 and 8:30, doubling in February because they aren’t sure of exact times yet or an accidental Typo David?
    It seems the only change at the end of the year is Australian survivor instead of TBL.

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