TEN telemovie scores amid night of news & sport


TEN’s telemovie Mary: The Making of a Princess has drawn good numbers, with 929,000 viewers watching the show. It was the highest-rated entertainment title for Sunday and proved to be a good alternative to glum news.

It proved to be a somewhat unusual Sunday, without The Block and with some late-adjusted programming due to news events in Paris, plus Cricket. Seven pulled Beach Cops for a news special and a planned replay of 60 Minutes also replaced with a news special on Nine. Even ABC extended its news and starting times elsewhere. These are yet to be reflected in OzTAM results.

Nine network was 31.0% then Seven 26.1%, TEN 23.1%, ABC 13.5% and SBS 6.3%.

Nine News (1.17m) topped the night for Nine followed by Test Cricket (1.1m/ 879,000) and 60 Minutes (974,000). The Truth About Pain Relief was just 363,000.

Seven News (1.15m) led for Seven then Sunday Night (1.09m), Beach Cops (872,000) and Quantico (477,000). Castle was just 296,000.

Mary: The Making of a Princess drew 929,000 for TEN. TBL Families was 675,000, Scorpion was 438,000 and TEN Eyewitness News was 431,000.

ABC News (753,000), Doctor Who (506,000), The Beautiful Lie (414,000) and Death in Paradise (260,000) comprised ABC’s night.

Building the Ancient City: Rome (299,000), Genius (213,000) and SBS World News (202,00) ranked across SBS.

Movie: Skyfall on GO! topped multichannels at 256,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 15 November 2015.


  1. Seven and Nine need to learn that hour after hour after hour of coverage of an event is unnecessary if there is nothing new to report. Sending Armytage and Stefanovic to Paris was totally unnecessary. The European correspondents are more than capable of covering the tragedy.

    Emma Hamilton did a great job on Princess Mary. The telemovie was cringeworthy but it was impossible to look away. The Twitter feed beyond hilarious.

  2. Armchair Analyst

    i probably should not comment on this but i cant help myself. Personally this movie should not be made. 1stly: its about 2 people who have not achieved anything on their own at all and thus dont deserve this sort of glorified movie. 2ndly: If Mary had not met Fredrick nobody would have known who she was or if they did should would have at least done something worth noticing. This movie will not doubt grab the Bachelorette crowd and they will all be balling their eyes out. But for me and i hope most people this movie is the same crap that hollywood churn out. I dont mind romcoms but this is a dramatisation of what apparently happened.

  3. Watched Mary. The idea was there but the dialogue and plot was just plain awful and in fact, laughable. The fact she is a common Australian was played too heavy handed. They didn’t explore what it was that attracted them both to each other, other than to suggest that Mary hadn’t had sex for a while and needed a root. Plot and character development was so 2 dimensional that I felt like I was watching Neighbours. Still, it was good for a laugh on a weekend when our TV screens were filled with such horrible news.

  4. ABC updated their EPG last night but 7 did not. I watched Beautiful Lie and taped Quantico. Just as well I taped beyond Quantico’s predicted end time. Typical of 7. I understand the Paris news warrants extra coverage on our screens but if ABC can update EPGs why can’t 7? Clearly not wanting loyal viewers to invest in Quantico. Forgot about Princess Mary. Predicting it may reply later in the week. Nice to read it attracted a lot of viewers.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      “…if ABC can update EPGs why can’t 7?”

      Steady on, Elizabeth. Seven don’t even know what the flag of France looks like. How are they going to be capable of updating their EPG in a timely manner?

        • I too missed the end of Quantico despite adding extra to the recording time, Channel 7 are crap at updating their EPG but what can we expect (as Secret Squirrel said )they don’t even know what the french flag looks like.

  5. Watched and enjoyed Mary. Its was just nice to watch something light hearted but it would’ve been better without the cringe worthy lines. The telemovie was poorly promoted. Those promos did not reflect the telemovie and almost put me off watching it. As a heterosexual female enjoy watching a good romance and feel that genre is really lacking on free to air. I’d like to see more romantic telemovies and series without the bio element on free to air.

  6. Watched Mary telemovie. Verdict, acting and casting good, locations etc good, script cringe worthy at times but as light fluffy enterntainment i enjoyed it. Both leads should go on to better roles.

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