Tiffiny Hall out of TBL Families


Trainer Tiffiny Hall is out of the remaining TBL Families season after her last remaining team member, Cliff Hailwood, was eliminated from the show last night.

During his time on the TEN series, Cliff went from 191 kilograms to 157.8 kilograms, losing a total of 33.2 kilograms or 17.38% of his body weight.

Tiffiny said: “I’m devastated. Cliff was having such a turnaround. He let go of all the anger and was training so well. I’m gutted, not only because I have no more contestants left in the TBL house, but now I’ve got to leave to and I was having fun.

“When I first met the Hailwoods, they were overweight, over-eating and unhappy. Wait until finale. When the Hailwoods show up, they’re going to be showstoppers. And I’m proud of that.”


“Leaving Camp TBL, I’m proud of what I’ve already achieved. Before coming on the show, I was angry. Tiff has definitely changed my outlook on life. I think I’m well on track with my goal of being a better dad and being more active,” said Cliff.

“This is only the start of my new life.”


  1. TBL would be a far better show without the Temptation game or the challenges to gain advantage. Incentives should be given each week for most weight lost or best training session. Having the Joffre family win everything has made it less interesting in my opinion. Make them all go to the end and then see who is the biggest loser.

    • Thats because all of the eliminated contestants are back next week to show off their new look for makeover week. I thought it was disgusting the way Cliff was eliminated last night and totally against what Biggest Loser is supposed to be about.

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