Whatever happened to Once Upon a Time in Carlton?


SBS documentary series Once Upon a Time in Carlton is still no closer to airing, despite it being announced two years ago, for a 2014 screening.

The series, looking at Mick Gatto and the Italian community, is the third in the Once Upon a Time series, following studies of Cabramatta and Punchbowl.

In April this year an SBS spokesperson told TV Tonight the series had been completed, but it didn’t rate a mention at the recent 2016 Upfronts.

“SBS has a full schedule of priority programs for early 2016, and currently have no fixed date for this series,” a spokesperson has since advised.


  1. It got screen Australia Money so it should have been finished by now. The company that made it has applied to be deregistered. It’s also listed in the National Film and Sound Archive. So it appears to be finished.

  2. Ah Carlton and Lygon Street, brings back fond memories of Skyhooks and the all the other counter culture rock scene stuff from the 70’s, as Skyhooks sung way back when…ahhh Shirl I still miss you 🙁

    “When the sun sets over Carlton,
    And you’re out to make a deal,
    Check out who you’re talkin’ to,
    And make sure they are real,

    Do the Lygon Street Limbo
    How low can you go-go.”

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