Airdate: New Year’s Eve 2015 (Melbourne)


Seven Melbourne screens a 90 minute New Year’s Eve special with Melbourne fireworks and highlights.

My Kitchen Rules and Dancing with the Stars star Ash Pollard will co-host the event, alongside Sunrise’s James Tobin, and Seven News reporters Nathan Templeton, Emily Angwin And Paul Dowsley.

The special broadcast will include the news and sporting events which had us talking, and the videos that went viral on social media. Seven News weather presenter Jane Bunn will give us a wrap on our wild 2015 weather, with a summer which has already seen extreme temperatures.

Hollywood showbiz reporter Nelson Aspen will take us through the celebrity news which had us talking in 2015, and we’ll have the previously unseen bloopers which left us laughing.

From midnight, catch the best view of the city’s New Year’s Eve fireworks with Channel Seven cameras stationed across the Melbourne.

11pm Thursday on Seven (Melb).

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