Airdate: Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook London

Rachel Khoo is back in the city where she was born and bred, in a new SBS series.


In January SBS screens Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook London, back in the city where she was born and bred.

Rachel meets people who share her passion for all things delicious, uncovering new trends and the colourful diversity of London’s food scene. She busies herself with cooking; sketching, snapping pictures and recording what she discovers in her notebook along the way to inspire new dishes in her own kitchen.

From the latest in street food trends, quirky DIY food projects and time honoured traditions, this series delivers Rachel’s unique take on her hometown; offering viewers a slice of her new London life and a raft of beautiful new recipes that reflect it. The series is packed with a huge range of recipes from the simple to the complex. The delicious recipes feature the likes of cauliflower cheese burgers, black forest gateau bowls inspired by London’s fashion couture, underground éclairs, spice rubbed trout, salt beef with horseradish mash, strawberries and cream layer cake and many more.

For Rachel it’s the all about individual quirky food projects and bespoke homespun treats that catches her attention. Join Rachel on this journey as she puts a twist on chilli and tortillas for friends to tuck into, creates some simple colourful canapés perfect for a party and creates a sophisticated jelly for grown-ups that will put a smile on all the guests’ faces, takes home-baking to new heights, puts a twist on some traditional comfort food.

Thursdays @ 7.30pm from 7 January 2016 on SBS.

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