Axed in 2015

From Wonderland to CSI and Parenthood -here are the shows we said goodbye to, and a few more.


Whether at the hands of the network, or a creative decision on their own part, here are the shows that confirmed the end in 2015.

Coxy’s Big Break,
Reality Check,
Financial Review Sunday,
Million Dollar Minute,
Restaurant Revolution,
Open Slather,
Live on Bowen


New Tricks,
Hart of Dixie,
Covert Affairs,
In the Flesh,
Foyle’s War,


Melissa & Joey,
The Following,
State of Affairs,
Never Mind the Buzzcocks,
The Returned (US),
A.D.: The Bible Continues,
Da Vinci’s Demons,
Welcome to Sweden,

Under the Dome,
Beauty and the Beast,
America’s Next Top Model,
Rookie Blue,
The Brink,
The Soup,
The Bastard Executioner
Downton Abbey


Final episodes aired (ending announced in 2014):
The Late Show with David Letterman,
Falling Skies,
White Collar,
Lost Girl,

Sons of Anarchy,
Nurse Jackie,


Not yet renewed (future to be confirmed):
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries,
Dirty Laundry Live,

The Hotplate,
TBL Families (The Biggest Loser),
Please Like Me,
The Checkout,
The Ex-PM


Missing in Action in 2015 (announced but did not appear):
Baby Circle (TEN)
The Kettering Incident# (Foxtel)
Brock# (TEN)
The Embassy# (Nine)
Afghanistan: Inside Australia’s War# (ABC)
Watch This Space (ABC)
House Rules season 4# (Seven)
Doc Martin# (ABC)
Pacific Heat# (Foxtel)
Battle Creek (Seven)
Agent Carter (Seven)
Katherine Mills: Mind Games (Seven)
Marry Me (Seven)
The Whispers (Seven)
Tropfest (SBS)
Gold Coast Medical (Seven)

* includes final episodes yet to air in Australia

# coming in 2016

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  1. Seven should have Moved Agents of Shield to 7Mate, then they would have had incentive to actually air Agent Carter. What’s even more pathetic is that season 2 starts this month and I bet Seven won’t even air season 1

    1. Like other U.S. shows (Arrow / Flash) Agents of Shield S02 is divided into two parts, the second part is yet to screened in America. It’s not going to change anything but the FTA coverage of Sci Fi is viewer frustrating to say the least, even pay services can be subject to delays and there are a number of new Sci Fi shows coming which have no publicity for their Australian broadcast dates.

  2. May I suggest that 2016 may be a penultimate season for Dr Who as the BBC are known to change creative tack if political and financial influences change. The one thing that wont change or disappear is reality TV, the only question will be if any replacement shows will be better or worse than the one before.

  3. Matt Nable was at Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Brisbane last month. I asked him about a second season of Winter during his panel. He said that he’s not sure about a second season however he knows that Channel 7 and Rebecca have some ideas for some more telemovies like ‘The Killing Field’ was.

  4. Seven promised Gold Coast Medical as part of their Super September which never debuted. American Odyssey was in Seven’s 2015 upfronts too, I don’t think that made it to air – but was cancelled stateside anyway.

    Keneally and Cameron quietly left Sky News earlier this year, and with Stan Grant taking up a new show on NITV in 2016, it seems unlikely his Reporting Live with Stan Grant will return next year on Sky as well. PVO NewsHour technically ended (although it rebranded as a daytime show after migrating from primetime so not sure if you would call that an axing). Santo, Sam & Ed Total Football wrapped up on Fox Sports too.

  5. Finally saw seasons 1 – 3 of Please Like Me…finishing the Christmas special just yesterday on ABC iview. I remember your review years ago David and it stuck with me. Thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I’m outside the demographic (marginally) I could relate to being twenty something again following the lives of Josh and Tom and what they face on a daily basis. I’m not sure why it has been given such a bad wrap by some readers. It’s so different to anything on TV and so many readers want a drama that’s not cliche that I struggle to understand their criticism. That said I hope it does return at some point as I laughed so much during many of the episodes. Praise to Josh on a fabulous series and if you don’t return I know I can get my fix on ABC iview watching the first three seasons again. On that – thank goodness for ABC iview so we all have something to watch over the non ratings…

      1. Thanks David for your reply. I appreciate it. I was reading about its genre classification and wonder where it fit with the drama/comedy element. Thanks for the info re: TV Tonight Awards 🙂

  6. No tears shed here. Never Mind the Buzzcocks is the only show in the first list of axed in 2015 that was above mediocre and I’m sure that it will be replaced by some other game-based show with teams of guest comedians.

    There are a few decent shows in the list of those announced in 2014 as finishing up but they had mostly run their courses (Letterman sometime last century) as so their endings were timely.

    Seven takes out the prize for most shows MIA.

  7. I heard that Open Slather is getting a second series. That was a while ago, so maybe someone mercifully pulled the plug on it since then.

    I read in an overseas interview that Josh is taking a long break from Please Like Me, and that a fourth series might occur in the future, if it does indeed happen at all.*

    * Notice I didn’t make any sarcastic comments about Please Like Me.

  8. I really enjoyed Winter & the earlier mini series & was hoping it would have another season but Rebecca Gibney is in a new show so it doesn’t seem likely. Stalker & Forever weren’t really given a fair go & there was a lot of anger over their cancellations. Revenge, Parenthood, Covert Affairs & White Collar had run their course & all had good endings. AD the Bible continues ended rather abruptly, not sure if more episodes were filmed that have yet to be aired. Hopefully 9 will get it’s act together & show the final season of The Following this year some time.

  9. On their Facebook Page RocKwiz are saying it will be back around Eurovision time next year (in May) and be on at 8:30pm, pretty much they’re waiting for the renovations at The Espy in St Kilda to be finished facebook.com/RocKwizOfficialpage/posts/10153750111614235

  10. Just a correction on Hell on Wheels David, part of the final season aired this year but its final episode doesn’t air until 2016 (traditional AMC decision to split the final season over 2 years).

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