Leigh Sales tells PM: “I ask the questions on this program”


7:30 host Leigh Sales last night put the Prime Minister back in his box after he attempted to redirect her line of questioning.

Probing him on the Mal Brough issue, Sales was undeterred by his response that she had lost interest in his plans for innovation.

“Again, I’m sorry you’ve lost interest in innovation,” said Turnbull.

“There’s lots of issues, we can’t walk and chew gum at the same time?” she asked.

“The problem is we can’t,” he replied.

“If every guest on the program came on and they only got to talk about what they wanted to talk about, it would be a very different program. Now listen…” she told him.

“Let me ask you this question, how interested do you think your audience are-” he suggested.

“I ask the questions on this program. I think they’re very interested quite frankly,” she insisted.


  1. This was the old diversionary tactic when there’s an item we don’t want to talk about. Announce some squillion dollar “innovation” and get the media talking about that, rather than what’s been going on in parliament all week -Mal Brough/Peter Slipper diaries, contradictions, defection by a Lib to the Nats. Well done Leigh Sales. But, how refreshing to see a PM interview without “Well, you know, um, ah, well let me just say (repeat three times), Leigh, it’s it’s its you know, look, on innovation, no one, however smart, however well educated, however experienced, is the suppository of all wisdom.

      • I believe the issue of Brough/60 Minutes/misleading Parliament only arose last week. “Yes” to Liz Hayes’ question, “No” to the same question when asked in Parliament. Regardless of who raised the issue, Leigh Sales had to pursue that line of questions – it was on the front pages of papers for a week.

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