New Year’s Eve: guide


ABC is the place to be to see the New Year’s Eve¬†fireworks from Sydney Harbour, while¬†Seven has Melbourne’s fireworks. But there is also an assortment of other musical and entertainment.

Here’s a few select highlights for your consideration…

7:30pm The Weekly with Charlie Pickering rpt
8:30pm Family Spectacular
9pm Family Fireworks
9:15pm 2015 NYE / 2015 Pub Quiz
11pm NYE Australia Wide Party
12am NYE Fireworks
12:30pm rage special

8:30pm Comedy Warehouse: Celia Pacquola rpt
9pm Richard Pryor on the Sunset Strip rpt
10:20pm Joan Rivers: Don’t Start with Me rpt

5:40pm Dinner for One rpt
11:40pm Andre Rieu – Live In Maastricht 2015

10:30pm The Amazing Race final
11:30pm NYE Melbourne Fireworks (Melb only)

8:30pm Movie: Jane Eyre (2011)

9:50pm U2 Live in Paris

8pm Movie: Goddess (2012)
10:10pm Movie: Sunday (2014)

There are plenty of movie musicals too. ELEVEN has Xanadu, Nine has Can’t Stop the Music while Foxtel has Jersey Boys, High School Musical, La Bamba, Chicago, Mamma Mia, Dirty Dancing, Woodstock and A Star is Born.


  1. And Nine has the annual repeat of Can’t Stop the Music straight after the fireworks. New Year’s morning wouldn’t be New Year’s morning without seeing Caitlyn Jenner pre-op and the legendary YMCA scene.

    • Channel 7 couldn’t even focus on a building properly during the fireworks. It was the blurriest video I’ve seen since that one starring Paris Hilton. I thought I had the TV on 3D mode and actually had to check it twice.

  2. carolemorrissey

    Channel 9 for years used to do the New Years special with the fireworks with Richard Wilkins then it suddenly stopped a couple of years ago. I’ve watched the channel 2 one the last couple of years, it wasn’t too bad. Probably watch it again tonight.

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