Nine returns to Sex


Armed with new classification timezones, Nine is set to return to Sex, or at least Sex Ed, described as “a frank and revealing look at contemporary attitudes to sex in Australia.”

Nine famously had Sophie Lee as the first host of its 1992 series Sex.

The new series will be led by experts, and is determined to find out what’s really going on in bedrooms across the country.

The program will explore married and dating relationships, and the tricky world of teen sex in the internet age.

It will air in 2016.



  1. “I don’t think you should have done a send-up of Sophie Lee because she does such a good job of it herself” – Red Symonds on Red Faces, Hey Hey It’s Saturday 1992.

  2. Since 1992 the internet has been able to give us all the information about sex that we could wish for, and then some! Nine would be better off repeating that other Sophie Lee project, The Bugs Bunny Show!

  3. Sex: Nein’s equivalent of “Cats doing the darnedest things”.

    And those feet! Not so much a subtle hint of sexytimes as a warning against the dangers of wearing poorly-fitting shoes…

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Yes, horrible feet. The ‘on top’ ones have slightly swollen ankles and the ‘on bottom’ ones have fallen arches and clearly belong to a hobbit. They’ve also had their callouses smoothed over and not with pumice.

  4. Sex was largely soft porn thinly disguised as sex education. The ACMA wouldn’t let them get away with that any more. SBS and the ABC have much more freedom under their codes of conduct.

    This is the future of FTA’s main channels. A few big event TV items with the schedule filled out with whatever they can find or make cheaply that people <55 will watch.

  5. Those concerned with a declining birth rate need look no further than those feet! Obviously those two people have smartphones, one is watching 9Life and the other streaming sport! Coitus non startus.
    The only fore-play to be heard here is coming through the window from the Barnbougle Dunes Golf Course. “Move along, nothing to Goggle or Giggle at here.”

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