PLUS7 joins Apple TV

Seven app joins other TV network apps including Tenplay, Stan and Netflix.


PLUS7 is now available on Apple TV.

The Seven app joins other TV network apps including Tenplay, Stan and Netflix.

Clive Dickens, Chief Digital Officer, Seven said, “PLUS7 ends the year as the leading Commercial FTA on-demand brand with long form streams increasing by 16% year on year. We are really pleased to able to extend the Channel Seven Content to this the new PLUS7 App for the new Apple TV.”

Ed Harrison, Yahoo7 CEO said, “At Yahoo7 we’re focused on making our premium content available wherever and whenever our viewers want it, and our new PLUS7 App will allow us to reach a new audience of Apple customers.

“Our new PLUS7 Apple TV app launches off the back of our biggest PLUS7 traffic day ever, reaching over 320,000 viewers on December 9. This record highlights the increasing appetite for on-demand TV as Aussies are constantly looking for content to watch, anytime, for free.”

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  1. does anyone find the ten play app useless not all the shows on ten are on t tenplay.its annoying like to watch cbs this morning and the talk at night both on ten yet not on ten play. its a joke .Iview is still the best and the easiest to navigate no iview no apple tv for me

  2. I gave Plus7 on Apple TV4 a run the other night and it’s awful ! Complete lack of organisation of titles by category or show. Adverts appear to be in HD while the shows are SD the adverts buffer while the shows does not.
    So not only do you have the pain of sitting through the ad but first you have to wait for it to load. Which brings me to the actual advertising content which is repeated so you get the same 3-4 ads over and over again. Oh and then you get 3/4s the way through the show to your 5th or so ad break and it freezers yep no way to restart it so you exit select the show and start again and guess what there’s no way to resume where you were up to or to ffwd through the show to that point.
    Totally awful app !

    If Plus7 want to see how to do a streaming app right they should take a look at the SBS one it’s a thing of great beauty perfectly implemented

  3. Plus 7 is nice to have I suppose, but hardly vital. The commercial’s catch-up services are so limited and wonky they’re hardly worth the effort most of the time.

    However, I noticed just last night that SBS on Demand is now available from the new Apple TV app store. Finally! Now that’s going to be really useful.

    C’mon iView, we’re waiting for you…

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