9Now ready for Live streaming


Nine Digital platform 9Now, which will replace 9jump-in, has been quietly released ahead of a formal network announcement.

The digital service will offer Live streaming of all Nine channels plus Catch-Up video on phone, tablet, computer or TV, including Apple iPhones, iPods and iPads iOS 8+, Android phones and tablets 4.33+.

However unlike Plus7 and tenplay, it requires member registration.

“9Now is easy to use and it’s free. To get started, become a member by creating your My9 profile and you’ll also get access to more great exclusives from Nine,” says the site.

Pleasingly, it will also include the ability to resume watching an episode from where you left off across your phone, tablet, computer and TV.

Regional networks have been unhappy with Live streaming of network content but Seven already began its service on Melbourne Cup Day.

9Now is coming soon to Chromecast, LG TV, Apple TV 4, Sony TV, Samsung TV, Xbox One, Sony Playstation 3 & 4.

An app is now available on Apple Store and Google Play.


  1. Is it locality geoblocked like Ten’s live streaming (other than news)?
    With reality tv, especially those involving evictions, live streaming is essential in this day and age due to social media. Ten need to lift the geoblocking on I’m A Celeb or it will shoot itself in the foot.

  2. David, 9: I notice the fetch tv is left off the press release this time around http://tvtonight.com.au/2015/10/nine-upfronts-2016-nine-goes-hd-new-lifestyle-channel-and-daryl-somers-returns.html compared to up fronts. Most likely this is due to the complications of the 9 account and the live streaming (none of the other catch ups have either live or user accounts here, but YouTube does but is a separate more complicated app). Hope this isn’t the bad sign it seems for fetch!

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    For those people concerned about giving out their email address, either create a gmail address just for this type of thing or use a temp one from here: 10minutemail.com/10MinuteMail/index.html

  4. @tvf

    All US networks requite you to register to access live streaming on their dot com sites and apps.

    It’s so they can monitor usage by individuals, understand viewing habits and they can monetize it.

    Pretty standard.

    • Not all US sites. A quick search turned up abc family (now freeform) where some shows a explicitly promoted as having no sign in and pbs sign up appears optional too. I’m sure if I looked hard enough there would be others. So not necessarily standard.

      To compare channel 9 to the vast amount of content on US sites seems like a bit of silly comparison. As I’ve previously indicated to sign up to something their needs to be value in it. Where’s the value in Channel 9?

  5. Watched a bit of it with chromecast from my laptop. The quality is pretty good through the hotspot on my phone. If I had a faster internet connection I’d stop watching WIN completely. If you can geo block outside metro areas I can’t believe WIN didn’t try and do that

  6. Quality if streaming is very good. It is HD. I plugged my iMac into my plasma via HDMI and it looks 20 times better than WIN TV…… (WIN is SD mind you but their HD is a crap retransmission…)

  7. I’d just like to point out that it’s not any old app, it’s currently an update to 9jumpin on iOS devices. It’s still labeled as 9jumpin with the new 9now logo.

    Having to register is frustrating, but thankfully you can give them dodgey details – you just have to use a valid email address that you have access to so you can confirm your account.

    Currently, only 9 is streaming, with the other channels marked as “coming soon”. Video quality for the live stream is excellent!

  8. As indicated on tv lounge this is wrong. Its a marketing ploy to target ads, invade privacy and send spam. Sure you can change your subscriptions settings once signed up but a service that automatically signs you to spam rather than make it optional in the sign up process should be met with scepticism.

    When creating an account for anything online there needs to be value in. Where’s the value in 9? There’s no drama. All their dramas have gone to stan or foxtel. So what’s left? A bunch of outdated content, some news and reality thrown in. Hardly worth the trouble.

    It would be terrible if in Australia we ended up all f.t.a. networks requiring accounts to access their catch up sites. Accounts should be optional. What 9 has done sets a terrible precedent. Its wrong.

    • That’s just how the Internet works, I mean when Java has a update u have to untick stuff or u will get spam and viruses. That’s how they make there money. I remember when ten play first came out I had to sign up to them aswell, not a big deal atleast it’s free.

      • I think you misunderstood. Its one thing to give the option in the sign up process to tick or untick options such as receiving spam before signing up. Its quite another to have no choice but to sign up to receive spam when creating an account and then to have to go into a profile to change subsciptions. Not everyone will go to or know how to edit a profile once created and that’s what 9s counting on which makes me sceptical on their motives.

        Its surprises me how quickly people are willing to give up their internet privacy rights in the most unnecessary circumstances. Do viewers really wanted to have 5 catch up site accounts to keep track of amongst other things? Cause if 1 or 2 is ok have bout 5?

        • no i understood perfectly fine. im pretty sure facebook is the same thing, it is very annoying unticking all there spam deep into user profile. but isnt something to give 9 crap about. whats so evil about 9 knowing what shows u watch? dont u like helping shows getting another season?
          privacy please, google, apple and Microsoft already have all ur info and sold them. giving catch up ur email is nothing. welcome to the internet

          • I would doubt they need channel 9 accounts are need to gage the popularity of shows. They would have plenty of ways of knowing that information without an account. Just the last few weeks we are told how well 7 tennis streaming site is doing that that didn’t require an 7 account (don’t get any ideas). There’s lots of analytics that companies use on websites that don’t require an account.

            Just because you create an account somewhere because you find it useful doesn’t mean every website needs you to create an account. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit careful about your internet footprint and not finding the need to sign up to everything.

            I see the catch up sites as an extension of the free to air on the tv. There’s no requirement to have an account to watch on tv so why make it necessary for a catch up site?

            We can agree to disagree.

  9. Woohoo they are planning on launching Chromecast compatibility! About time one of the commercials finally got on the Chromecast bandwagon. Too bad 9 is my least watched commercial network though =/.

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