Airdate: The Latest with Laura Jayes


SKY News presenter Laura Jayes will anchor a new primetime current affairs program, The Latest with Laura Jayes, airing 7pm Monday-Thursdays from tomorrow.

The series promises to go “beyond the obvious stories of the day with insight and analysis on the issues affecting the nation.”

Angelos Frangopoulos, Chief Executive Officer, Australian News Channel said: “Laura has over the years built up an impressive track record on SKY News. She’s an outstanding journalist and her new program will make an impact on the national conversation.”

Meanwhile Brooke Corte will join Kieran Gilbert on First Edition, with Corte in Sydney with Gilbert in Canberra.

“Brooke has been an integral part of the SKY News on-air line-up since 2002, holding a number of key roles including anchoring flagship business programs Business Agenda and Trading Day. Her arrival at First Edition is the first of many enhancements to SKY News that we’ll be rolling out early this year, said Angelos Frangopoulos.


  1. I see now that one Bolt looks like shifting to SKY as 10 seem to have canned The Blot Report have Sky found Australia’s own Bill O’Reilly they are both inaccurate and bend or twist the truth even possibility lie on odd occasions.
    The Murdoch minions continue with the plan for our very own Faux News.

  2. The Foxatiseation of SKY continues just think by the time Murdoch finishes or Dies both 10 and SKY will be mirror images of Fax News in the US why are we so stupid

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