Australian Open streaming eclipses Melbourne Cup


550,000 total streams on the 7TENNIS app on Monday has eclipsed the 488,000 who streamed the Melbourne Cup on Seven’s digital platforms.

That may help offset the Australian Open‘s defeat -in OzTAM metro figures- at the hands of TEN’s Big Bash League.

While the cricket drew 825,000 viewers, the tennis scored 644,000, leaving Seven third for the night. But it did finish first in primary channel share.

550,000 streams is an excellent start for the 7TENNIS app, which could become the real success story of this year’s broadcast.


  1. David, with such a large volume of streaming figures from the various catch-up/live service recently and more networks are gearing towards this form of delivery instead of traditional TV, would these figures actually count towards the overall ratings for 2016? How would these figures get calculated/verified to prevent networks inflating results? Just curious…

    If I stream SBS Weather Watch Overnight let’s see if it make it’s impact on tomorrows results. Yes, I’m being cynical.

  2. Jeez Scruffy, why don’t you tell us what you really think! I actually think the coverage on 7 & 7 TWO, plus the 7app is pretty good. Have noticed the odd glitch, but that can happen on any streaming service. Seven (or any broadcaster/any sport) will never be able to please everyone, you’ll always have the whingers like scruffy. Also remember that free to air and the 7app cost you nothing- zero, zilch. You’re able to watch these things at no cost, unlike a subscription to Foxtel, so quit the whining!

  3. If your only watching tennis to watch mediocre Australian players then your not really a tennis fan. The hype around the Hewitt/Duckworth match was ridiculous. It was a first round match featuring a wildcard and a qualifier.
    Anyone who says Channel Seven are doing a good job have no idea. They are terrible. The worst tennis coverage in the world. Who wants to watch practice court crossovers of Kyrgios while a match is in play, or their stupid megawall which is the equivalent of dog s**t (Nathan Templeton, do you actually get to see any tennis matches)
    You suck 7 and your tennis coverage is rubbish and you can stick streaming where the sun don’t shine. Give some matches back to Foxtel so real Tennis fans can enjoy our Grand Slam.
    Oh and ditch Todd, Bruce and Courier, They suck too.

    • Calling all aussie players mediocre is unfair. It takes a lot of work to make a grand slam. Tomic is ranked 17 and Kyrgios is 30, hardly mediocre. Doesn’t matter where Hewitt’s ranked he is always entertaining and it’s his final grand slam what did you expect?

      Have you tried the streaming service? Don’t think you can comment on it until you’ve tried it. If it’s a choice between expensive foxtel or a free tennis streaming service where a viewer can watch a number of different matches at any given time I know which one I would go for.

  4. Although I don’t use the 7tennis app, I also use the Plus7 app to stream the tennis live on my iPad. I find it quite beneficial for the streaming.

  5. I’ve used the 7tennis website and have found it glitchy. Sometimes the video stream will just stop working and request a reload. Other times certain match streams don’t work. When it does work its good. It would be helpful next the participants names to have their country also. It would make it much easier to find aussies. Would also prefer if like youtube there was an option to make the video bigger on website without going full screen.

    Last night was watching the nadal match on 7 mate. Around 7pm they changed to 7 in the middle of a point. Surely they could’ve waited till the game finished. They have no problems making viewers wait 8 to 13 mins for the end of MKR so whats so different about the tennis. Don’t like how they are cutting into match play with ads and checking other courts. I’ve seen them come back and a few points have been played in a new game.

  6. So presumably the Melbourne Cup figure is just for the race itself, while the tennis figure is for multiple courts across multiple hours, so marginally more streams actually equates as significantly less.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Exactly. Let’s compare apples with apples not one apple with a whole box of them.

      The stream lags the broadcast by about a minute so it’s not quite live either.

  7. My 60″ plasma puts me in the action but I must admit if your not in front of it this app is a winner but don’t expect to follow the ball on line decisions !!

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