Big Brother UK: Housemate mistakenly believes David Gest is dead

Bizarre scenes when a UK BB housemate misunderstands Angie Bowie's news that "David is dead."

Reverberations from the death of David Bowie have had an unusual impact on the Celebrity Big Brother UK house, where ex-wife Angie Bowie was given the news off-camera.

Amongst the strangest reactions was an awkward case of mistaken identity, when Angie Bowie told housemate Tiffany Pollard “David is dead.”

Pollard -assuming she meant fellow housemate David Gest- began to shriek, triggering a household drama to bizarre for words.

But Channel 5 has also come in for criticism after airing footage of a tearful Angie Bowie in the Diary Room.

“I haven’t seen him in so many years I can’t make a big drama about it … but I feel an era has ended, it’s so very sad … The Stardust is gone,” she said, before burying her face in her hands.

Viewers have complained to regulator Ofcom about an apparent invasion of privacy.

But while Bowie was given the news privately, the show can’t be expected to edit out her behaviour entirely, given she opted to stay in the house.

Angie Bowie’s manager Ray Santilli said the house was her ‘sanctuary.’

“She had plenty of time to consider her position,” he told local radio. “She made the decision to go back in the house, she made the decision to be interviewed afterwards.


“Obviously when Big Brother was talking to her and asking questions, it is emotional. The whole Big Brother experience is emotional and she knew that before she went in to the house.

“We took her off-camera and explained the situation. She had plenty of time. She’s a very intelligent, very measured woman and it was emotional.

“Channel 5 have been magnificent. They’ve left it entirely up to her to make the decision. She had no pressure. She’s an intelligent woman and she knows what she’s doing.”

Source: Mirror

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  1. How very strange, and then for her to lie and say Angie specifically said David Gest. And then that blonde one says they should get rid of Angie? Surely none of them could possibly believe that she really said Gest. How awful as well that not one of them in that moment expressed any empathy for Angie, they all just kept obsessing with the whole Gest/Bowie thing. Ugh!

  2. I had to look up who Tiffany Pollard is. Another one who hasn’t done anything to warrant the celebrity tag. I presume she’ll be on Dancing With the Stars next.

    I watched the clip before reading the article so I was wondering why she would have assumed that Angie was referring to David Gest, and why she reacted so hysterically and insisted on breaching the trust that Angie had put in her.

    I must admit it was quite fascinating but I couldn’t watch a whole half hour of that.

    1. I have been watching this unfold and she does look completely self absorbed when the situation is taken out of context. The fact is that David Gest had been feeling incredibly ill earlier and was laying asleep in his bed with the sheets over his head. The fact that she didn’t apologise to Angie immediately after realising which David was actually dead is the part that makes her look like a rude imbecile.

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