Danger 5 returns on SBS 2


Danger 5 returned to SBS 2 last Sunday night (check SBS on Demand for the first episode).

A second episode airs this weekend.

This January allied superteam, Danger 5 reunite on SBS 2 after years of farflung obscurity to stop Hitler’s ultimate quest for world domination in a 1980’s excess soaked universe of neon, ninjas, discos, dinosaurs, pizza and prom queens.

Joining the cast for the new second season of this critically acclaimed cult action adventure series are newcomers Pacharo Mzembe, and Elizabeth Hay. Sean-James Murphy, Natasa Ristic, David Ashby, and Amanda Simons reprise their roles as Tucker, Ilsa, Jackson and Claire. Comedian and TV personality Shaun Micallef also takes up a guest role.

Episode Two: Johnny Hitler
Johnny Hitler is the coolest kid on campus, and all he wants is a date with world domination. Hitler has infiltrated a high school in the American mid-west in search of a female senior student. His motives are unknown. Danger 5 are forced to go undercover and back to school, where Tucker’s teaching skills are pushed to the limit, Pierre’s coolness is put to the test and Jackson is hunted by a ruby-eyed wolf man with a machine gun and a grudge.

Each episode is based on a different genre of 1980s cinema and TV. Episode two is set in an American high school and plays on elements from high school movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Breakfast Club. Lockers, hallways, change rooms, classrooms, slackers, geeks, and prom queens form the bones of this episode. 80s teen slasher elements also play strongly in this episode drawing on themes and situations defined by films like A Nightmare on Elm Street and John Carpenter’s Halloween.

Sunday, 11 January at 9.30pm on SBS 2


      • Secret Squïrrel

        SBS regularly fail to note that something is a repeat. They don’t tag a show as a repeat if it is being broadcast on a particular channel for the first time. However, I have on many occasions also seen them incorrectly identify something as consisting of new eps even when it’s been on that channel before, as is the case here.

        It’s quite annoying, especially as they have a habit of repeating a lot of series when I’m aware that the next series is due to be shown “soon”, which causes me some confusion until I check individual ep titles (when provided).

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