Four Corners: Feb 1


Tomorrow Four Corners returns for 2016, with new presenter Sarah Ferguson.

‘Bad Sport’, reported by Linton Besser, investigates the criminal networks threatening the integrity of sport.

As match-fixing allegations rock the tennis world, Four Corners takes you into the heart of the scandal.

Four Corners meets the investigators on the frontline as they play a daily game of cat and mouse.

With the gambling industry turning over more than a trillion dollars a year, organised crime networks are exploiting vulnerable sports like tennis, to fix matches and launder money.

While tennis administrators have been quick to reject the allegations of a widespread match-fixing problem, Four Corners asks: are they in denial?

Four Corners returns Monday with this must watch episode, three months in the making, with new revelations and exclusive interviews.

Monday 1 February at 8.30pm on ABC.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    This is worth a look, but i think it will miss the point. As for tv networks and how a sport is treated i dont think those sports care much as long as they get paid.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    “…the criminal networks threatening the integrity of sport.”

    For a minute I thought this was referring to how sport is treated by the FTA commercial networks – almost no HD, channel switching, incessant ads, even more excessive promos for whatever shit reality show, cutting award ceremonies short, cringeworthy commentary, etc, etc.

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