‘FOXSporting Nation’ campaign to underline Live and HD


It copped a hiding last year when Optus announced the English Premier League rights from August, but Foxtel is set to launch a major marketing and promotional campaign on February 7 trumpeting its 2016 sports season.

The “FOXSporting Nation” campaign will feature a series of television commercials, print campaigns and above the line marketing to underline every game Live, in High Definition, and ad-break free of NRL, AFL, Super Rugby, A-League and NBL and as well as every race, practice and qualifying session of Formula 1 and V8s.

In 2016 FOX Sports, ESPN, Eurosport and Sky Racing will also broadcast hours of live and exclusive coverage of golf, cricket, tennis, cycling, racing, surfing, netball, NBA and NFL events.

Richard Freudenstein, Foxtel CEO said: “Foxtel is very proud to start 2016 with such a strong must-have exclusive sport offering for our customers. We are thrilled to bring the best viewing experience possible with a fantastic line-up our subscribers around the country have not had before.

“We’ve worked incredibly hard with our channel partners and the sporting codes to bring sports fans what they love most across NRL, AFL, Rugby, Motorsport and more. To be able to offer, for the first time, every footy team, every round, live, ad-break free and available in HD is a game changer for Foxtel in 2016.”

Patrick Delany, FOX Sports CEO said: “2016 will see in a new era for sports fans, with the ability to showcase every NRL game live reinforcing our commitment to delivering the biggest and best sports coverage in Australia. Uninterrupted broadcasts during play of all Australia’s most scintillating sports, enthusiastically overseen by the most respected presenting teams on TV, will make FOX Sports everyone’s essential sporting companion across the action-packed year ahead.”

Brian Walsh, Foxtel Executive Director of Television, said: “Foxtel has an absolute focus on promoting our extensive sports content throughout 2016. Sport, for us, is an absolute differentiator in this market. Our new campaign will target a number of touch points, including an extensive on air campaign featuring a number of Foxtel personalities and sports stars. The intention is for this work to unfold as a key marketing and promotional pillar for the year. Together with our expanded local production slate across Lifestyle, Drama, News and Entertainment, we now have Foxtel’s most solid content offering of all time.”


  1. Sport will always be the best on Foxtel and in HD.But what does hurt them is the way FTA in this country gets away with putting cable shows on there channels.No where else in the world is FTA are allowed to broadcast cable shows.This hurts them badly,and is very unfair playing field

  2. Yep, the loss of EPL coverage is the straw that broke the camel’s back, I will be cancelling in June after 15 years, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

    A few niggly things made me consider it in the past (eg, lack of HD on Foxtel Go, extremely sluggish iQ3), but now, without Premier League or Champions League, you have no hook keeping me tethered.


  3. HD is a joke at Foxtel they should say “HD Lite” fta are now offering HD at MPEG 4 so you better add more transponders to make your HD at least 10Mb/s per channel not 4-6 like now

    • You might like to check your facts before you comment. Foxtel broadcasts HD with MPEG4 and furthermore Fox Sports are all well above 6mbps.

      On the other hand channel nine is running bitrates under 4mbps for its HD channel which pretty much sets the precedent for channel 7 in a few months.

  4. No MLB, NFL, Premier League, Ashes, La Liga or Big Bash on Fox Sports any more, no Champions League on ESPN any more…yep, they have heaps of great sport outside of footy and league

  5. Armchair Analyst

    As everybody knows this is just spin doctoring. FOX Sports knows how sport is important so my bet is that the Anti Siphoning list will be shortened. One thing that will happen is that prices will go up, the recent back office staff axings will try to offset the need to keep prices stable or low but the more sport foxtel aquire the more expensive it will be. Also FOXtel mainly make money on Rugby League and AFL and maybe international events but thats it, i cant see them make much money on Netbalol, NBL and other less favourite sports.

  6. When I can pick Fox Sports on my X-Box without having to have a Genre Pick first (meaning $50 instead of just $25 for Sport only) then I will subscribe…which means never I guess.

  7. They can dress it up as much as they like,they have lost the EPL and they know they will lose subs, endless repeats, boring and countless AFL panel shows will just create more dissatisfied customers

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