If You Are the One episodes withheld after drugs conviction


A “commentator” on cult Chinese dating show If You Are The One who was convicted on a drug charge has resulted in episodes not being made available to SBS 2.

Renowed Chinese scriptwriter, novelist and TV host Ning Caishen served a 10-day detention for methamphetamine use in June 2014. The 39-year-old later issued an apology on his official Sina Weibo account, saying he initially decided to use drugs to ease the pressure of being a writer.

But his conviction has now inadvertently impacted on the show in which he appears, If You Are the One.

SBS2 told viewers via Facebook:

You might notice something different about the upcoming new episodes on weekends. We have had to fast forward 100+ eps from where we left you on the 10th of Jan because they featured Ning Caisheng as a guest who, since they were broadcast in China, has been convicted of drug possession. As a result the episodes were not distributed internationally.

So, from tonight (16th of Jan) we will be skipping forward a year and ALL the girls will be new to Aussie audiences. Sorry guys, this is out of our hands.

BUT WAIT.. there’s a silver lining. This means that the eps we’ll be showing from now on will be a lot closer to the broadcast dates in China. That’s a bit of good news right? #clutchingatstraws

Probably not the kind the young ladies are expecting to take home and honour their mother?

Source: English.Sina.com


  1. Why should we suffer just because one commentator had a slight setback with a drugs related issue.who really cares. Will the world stop/end, because of this? I think not! Our TV screens are filled with individuals, who have been accussed and convicted of drug pocession, acholol related issues. Jumpimg 100 episodes is like trying to figure out what happened whilst watching with a blindfold on and earplugs in.
    Absolutly bloody ridiculos behaviour SBS. Put some pressure on the shows producers to release the missed episodes. “Not happy Jan”

  2. Several comments on the SBS facebook page from fans (myself included) have asked SBS if they can provide us a summary of what happened to the girls. There were quite a few characters (Ding Dongli, Li Lu, Ma Ying, Zhang Ming, the twins, the 2 Taiwanese girls, Little De etc) that we’ve all gotten rather attached to and hope to find out if they found love. For example, Li Lu ended up finding a parter.

    Since the episodes are so heavily edited, it would be awesome if SBS could find a way to show how the popular girls found their ‘love’ – even if they have to censor the clips to comply with the Chinese broadcaster

    Also, an explanation about what happened to the Avenue of Love would be good too!!

    • SBS2 put up some info about Li Lu, Ding DongLi and Little De today and some tiny pics this afternoon. I was also surprised that none of the regular girls were on the show when watching on Saturday.

      I hope they make available info about what has happened to the girls ‘after the show’ – did they get married to the match from the show, etc

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