Mornings to rebrand as Today Extra

Updated: Sonia Kruger and David Campbell are back soon but no longer as hosts of Mornings.


Nine’s morning presenters Karl Stefanovic, Lisa Wilkinson, Sonia Kruger & David Campbell return soon -with Mornings to be rebranded as Today Extra.

Today, Today Extra and Weekend Today will also unveil new sets.

Today hosts return on Monday, with an Australia Day Special on Tuesday broadcasting live from Parramatta Park on January 26 with Stefanovic, Wilkinson, Richard Wilkins, Sylvia Jeffreys, Tim Gilbert, Stevie Jacobs and finance editor Ross Greenwood.

Guests include Chris Hemsworth and Tim Omaji.

Lisa Wilkinson has also reportedly signed a new contract with Nine.

“I’ve loved my sleep-ins over the last few weeks and having some great times with Pete and the kids, but I’m looking forward to getting back together with my Today Show family – Karl, the team and all our fabulous viewers,” said Lisa Wilkinson.

“The summer holidays have been all about relaxing so, like the boys, I’ll probably have to shave my beard off too.”

Karl Stefanovic said: “We finished the year strongly, so I’m really looking forward to getting back together with the team and bringing the best morning television to our audiences around Australia.”

Meanwhile, Weekend Today’s Cameron Williams will be joined by a variety of guest hosts throughout the year including Peter Stefanovic, Natalia Cooper, Jayne Azzopardi and Amelia Adams, with Deborah Knight going on maternity leave this weekend.

Today Extra airs from Monday February 8th.


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  1. What this reminds me of is when Studio 10 launched and they had ‘Studio 10’ from 8.30-10.30 and ‘Studio 10 YOU’ from 10.30-11. And we all know how that ended – the ‘YOU’ branding was ditched because it just didn’t make sense.

    1. But what made this more confusing – They used the same hosts so essentially it was the same show.

      David – Am I to understand that Today Extra will have different hosts? Sonia and David will run Extra?

  2. Well that’s a kick in the face for them then – Nine clearly telling them they don’t matter as much as Today, which may have been obvious but still poor form. Crap name though – something like Mornings Today would have linked the two shows better.

  3. Terrible re-naming, but then again it does feel like a later version of Today. Wish there was more distinction between their morning shows (that goes for Seven as well). Really enjoy Studio 10 and am thankful Channel 10 stuck with it.

  4. Seems like a total waste of money and time. They only brought in a new set for Mornings last year. The name ‘Extra’ seems like is just left over segments they could not fit into the primary show, so therefore it would be seen as the poor cousin of Today.

  5. How are the ratings? Studio 10 posted a pic on Facebook saying they had beat Mornings in the 9.30 to 11am slot on Friday (15th) and number 1 in Bris and Melb beating The morning show. Mabey they are trying to get some of Today’s ratings to stay. Good work for 10 sticking with Studio 10 long term its growing slowly. 7 and 9 might be worried.

  6. Personally l only ever saw mornings as a change of hosts from the today show with a few more editorials.
    Channel Nine may as well just change to NineNews24/7. Most oftheir programming is news based.

  7. This makes no sense to me whatsoever. Terrible name I might add. The only reason I can think of is to trick people into thinking they are still watching Today well past 9am so they don’t change the channel.

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