Most Timeshifted shows of 2015

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We love Australian Drama.

Local drama titles dominate a list of the Most Timeshifted shows of 2015.

House of Hancock Pt 2 was the most Timeshifted show of 2015, drawing in an additional 260,000 viewers on its original broadcast rating. It was also the episode at the centre of Gina Rinehart’s legal action.

Catching Milat, Gallipoli, Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door, Love Child, 800 Words, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Utopia, House Husbands, Winter also drew in big crowds along with SBS doco Struggle Street.

On Pay TV it was all about US super-heroes with FOX8 titles Supergirl and The Flash dominating, whilst Gogglebox was the most-Timeshifted Aussie title.

Report: Top 20 Programs Ranked on 000s Increase
Channels:All Free-to-Air
Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure)
Demographics: Total People
Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
Date:1st January – 31st December 2015
Deliverable:Consolidated v Overnight
RankDescription (grouped)Channel\MarketConsolidatedOvernightIncrease
1HOUSE OF HANCOCK -PART 2Network Nine1,684,0001,424,000260,00018.2%
2DOWNTON ABBEYNetwork Seven984,000725,000259,00035.7%
3CATCHING MILATNetwork Seven1,626,0001,387,000238,00017.2%
4GALLIPOLI -LAUNCHNetwork Nine1,342,0001,104,000238,00021.6%
5PETER ALLEN – NOT THE BOY NEXT DOOR PART 2Network Seven1,450,0001,212,000238,00019.6%
6LOVE CHILDNetwork Nine1,074,000839,000235,00027.9%
7CATCHING MILAT-FINALNetwork Seven1,686,0001,458,000228,00015.6%
8800 WORDSNetwork Seven1,325,0001,098,000227,00020.7%
9PETER ALLEN – NOT THE BOY NEXT DOOR PART 1Network Seven1,560,0001,333,000226,00017.0%
10THE BLACKLIST-EP.2Network Seven531,000320,000211,00066.0%
11MISS FISHER’S MURDER MYSTERIES-EVNetwork ABC990,000785,000205,00026.1%
12THE BLACKLISTNetwork Seven633,000431,000201,00046.6%
13UTOPIA-EVNetwork ABC976,000778,000198,00025.4%
14STRUGGLE STREETNetwork SBS1,061,000864,000197,00022.7%
15BLINDSPOTNetwork Seven785,000590,000195,00033.1%
16THE DOCTOR BLAKE MYSTERIES-EVNetwork ABC1,113,000924,000190,00020.6%
17DOCTOR WHO: THE HUSBANDS OF RIVER SONG-EVNetwork ABC761,000575,000186,00032.4%
18HOUSE HUSBANDSNetwork Nine933,000748,000186,00024.8%
19WINTERNetwork Seven1,052,000868,000184,00021.2%
20HOUSE OF HANCOCK -PART 1Network Nine1,563,0001,385,000179,00012.9%


Report: Top 20 Programs Ranked on 000s Increase
Channels:All Subscription Channels
Market: National STV
Demographics: Total People
Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
Date:1st January – 31st December 2015
Deliverable:Consolidated v Overnight
RankDescription Channel\MarketConsolidatedOvernightIncrease
3THE FLASHFOX8257,000125,000132,000105.8%
6THE FLASHFOX8210,000103,000107,000104.3%
7GOGGLEBOX AUSTRALIALifeStyle Channel232,000141,00091,00064.8%
8PINK PANTHER AND PALSBoomerang109,00019,00090,000473.4%
9THE FLASHFOX8207,000118,00090,00076.3%
10BLAZE AND THE MONSTER MACHINESNick Jr.108,00021,00088,000426.5%
11THE FLASHFOX8212,000125,00088,00070.6%
12BIG HERO 6Foxtel Movies Disney135,00047,00088,000189.5%
13DCOM: DESCENDANTSDisney Channel237,000151,00086,00057.0%
14THE FLASHFOX8174,00089,00085,00095.0%
15THE FLASHFOX8240,000156,00084,00053.9%
16THE FLASHFOX8161,00078,00083,000106.1%
17THE FLASHFOX8180,00097,00083,00086.0%
18THE FLASHFOX8170,00089,00081,00090.4%
19INSPECTOR GADGETBoomerang100,00019,00081,000437.4%
20GOGGLEBOX AUSTRALIALifeStyle Channel202,000121,00081,00067.3%

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Tomorrow: 2015 ratings: the final word.


  1. Using the PVR is just another confirmation that viewers need flexible options for viewing their favourite TV shows, this will obviously be an advertising headache for revenue hungry broadcasters which I guess is the real reason for the growth of reality TV. Streaming sites like Netflix and binge watching whole seasons (if you prefer) on your tablet or Smart TV will become increasingly common as far as our viewing habits are concerned.

  2. Interesting that Supergirl and The Flash are there, but no showing for Arrow, does that mean it is not rating as well compared to its fellow superhero shows?

  3. The FTA episodes are in the list simply because they are high rating events or premieres.

    Actually surprised that the timeshifts for Foxtel dramas are so low. I never watch anything but sport live on cable.

  4. Since I got a point and click remote I don’t even see the ads in fast forward. I just click 4 minutes ahead in the timeline. A lot of people complain about the ‘smug’ woman in the Ford ad but I wouldn’t know. I’ve never seen her. :p

  5. Interesting how timeshifting is almost non-existent in Australia compared to other countries, particularly the US, where many shows receive triple digit percentage gains even in Live+3 ratings.

    • Really? The time shift % changes in Oz seem on par with the weekly % increase charts I see at TVByTheNumbers. What shows / where are you seeing US shows get triple digit gains.

      And if you look at the Foxtel Timeshift – up to 300% gains. People with access to 100+ channels time shift more.

      • In terms of cable they are very similar, but when comparing terrestrial networks it’s vastly different. Here, the highest timeshift increase on FTA is 66%. In the US on the Big 4, timeshift increases can be up to double that.

        The triple digit network timeshift increase figures I was referring to are in particular shows like Quantico, and Empire.

  6. I watched both House of Hancock and Catching Milat around 2 months after broadcast. Have to be in the mood for it and could never watch live with all those commercials. I still have Houdini Pts 1&2 watching to be watched since June.

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