Person of Interest may end with S5


Person of Interest looks likely to end with its fifth season.

Producer JJ Abrams commented during the Television Critics Association panel, “My guess is it is the final season.

“The only heartbreak there is how much good story there was to come if it were to have continued.”

He confirmed that creator / executive producer Jonah Nolan and executive producer Greg Plageman are treating the upcoming episodes as the last.

“Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman have done such an amazing job on the show. We don’t yet have a schedule, but I know these episodes will see the light of day. People will get to see these episodes.”

There are no current plans to shop the show elsewhere, he added.

Person of Interest airs in Australia on Nine. Sometimes.

Source: Deadline


  1. Yeah Wiseguy agreed, gotta love Root. But if I were in trouble, I would have to call John Reese, he’s just so nice to look at and a total badass too.

  2. Pretty much on the money Carole and Moonsurf. CBS have treated this show terribly, the fans are furious and I am one of them. We have over 20,000 signatures lobbying Netflix to pick up new episodes. Netflix are already streaming seasons 1 – 4, and will be getting season 5 if it ever goes to air. Netflix in Aust will eventually get POI from what I have heard, but I don’t really know what the hold up is. I have all the DVDs anyway, so whatever. WGN, FOX, and several other networks in the US are being lobbied too.
    I am a part of this campaign, and from what I am seeing, it is getting a lot of positive press online. I really hope that we succeed and I always say, it aint over till the fat lady sings. I have watched and adored this show for four years now, and there is at least seven seasons worth of story to tell. Nolan said it and so did Abrams. It is sad that fans of this wonderful…

  3. Fans of the series are lobbying Netflix to run with it, as for channel nien when they get their grubby little fingers on any excellent drama series they always butcher the schedule. As always we’ll wait for the DVD and then hopefully Netfix, fingers crossed

  4. carolemorrissey

    It was pretty much on the cards when Season 5 is a shorter season. Hopefully this has given them enough notice to wrap things up properly. Hope it ends with Samaritan being destroyed once & for all. It’s getting a bit tired them winning all the time. According to some US forums it’s been treated pretty shabbily by CBS over there too. A lot of fans very angry at this show being cancelled when other ‘rubbish’ shows in their opinion have been renewed. Although a lot of those shows are shows I watch.

  5. S4 looked like it might be the last. WB did a deal with CBS, (probably for a reduced fee), for a half season to boost the eps from 90 to 103 to increase WB’s Syndication revenue. CBS didn’t want it for Fall so scheduled it for Winter. CBS has since dumped from their Winter schedule and will most likely burn it off out of Sweeps in Spring/Summer. CBS have an option to renew it, but it ain’t going to happen. They will wait till they have sorted their 2016/17 lineup and make all the announcements at the end of the season.

    The budget had already been reduced after it got renewed for S3 and hence 4. Hopefully they gave it a good ending and CBS and Nine will get around to airing them eventually.

  6. Love POI and used to watch but fell behind, recorded repeats on GEM at one stage…. I think it will end up being a box set I buy and binge on in the future when it concludes.

    Not every show should go forever and fade away.

  7. Season 5 seems to be the usual finish date for successful JJ Abram’s efforts, but as his production company is quite prolific hopefully the Sci-Fi genre will have some new offerings pretty soon. I agree about the uncertain programming criteria used by FTA TV in particular, the penchant for value added ‘reality’ TV shows is giving viewers fair warning about the future ahead, the UK and U.S. dramas will be pretty much a late night filler for insomniacs, assuming they have the dedication to keep track of them in a correct sequence of episodes, which is not always possible.

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