Returning: Elementary, NCIS, NCIS: LA.

TEN has confirmed returning times for three more US shows.

2016-01-21_1938TEN has confirmed returning times for three more US shows, including the long-awaited return of NCIS.

10pm Monday February 1
Holmes and Watson are back. Only this time, it seems that the two are flying solo. At the end of season three, Sherlock and Joan were tied up with a whole host of problems.

Sherlock is faced with criminal charges in the aftermath of his recent violent behaviour and drug relapse and his powerful but untrustworthy father, Morland Holmes, arrives in New York to fix his estranged son’s legal difficulties by any means necessary.

Also, with Holmes and Watson’s consultancy with the NYPD in jeopardy, Holmes concentrates on the case of a missing wife believed to have been killed by her husband to try and get back in the department’s good graces.

8:30pm Tuesday February 2
At the end of season 12, Gibbs was fighting for his life after being shot by a child recruit of the terrorist group, The Calling.

The new season opens in the aftermath of Gibbs being shot. He is brought to the U.S.S. Daniel Webster, where he is treated by Navy Doctor Cyril Taft (Jon Cryer).

As Gibbs’ life hangs in the balance, DiNozzo and CIA officer Joanna Teague travel to China to dismantle the terrorist group, The Calling.

9:30pm Tuesday February 2
Season 6 ended with Kensi and Deeks officially becoming a couple, the LAPD had just opened an Internal Affairs investigation into Deeks, and Callen was forced to leave a wounded Arkady behind in Russia while being handed the (false) knowledge that his father was dead.

As a result of the events in Russia, Callen has since gone off the grid in an undercover operation with the hope of trying to find out if his friend Arkady is alive.

As tension mounts within the team Hetty demands that Callen’s operation be shut down and tasks the team with finding him.

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  1. It’s one thing to be getting decent numbers with Hit and Giggle during Non ratings but is it any wonder Ten gets flogged when the real game and ratings begin?

    Elementary runs during Peak on CBS in the US and draws solid numbers, currently they are up to Episode 8, by the time gets around to running it in the grave yard at 10pm on a Monday, it will be done in the US and most fans of the show will have watched it anyway.

    When you have visual garbage like Family Fued, I am a Nobody get me out of here, The Crapchelor and all 12 variants of NCIS featuring across peak, as a fan of quality show like Elementary, when it is buried by the distant 3rd network it is being wasted on a crappy network like Ten.

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