Returning: Ex on the Beach

You have been warned. Unsubtle MTV dating series is returning.


You have been warned. Unsubtle dating series Ex On The Beach is returning to MTV later this month.

Season Three couple Jordan Davies and Megan McKenna will return as a couple, while eight new singles will also appear.

First up, the Ex on the Beach villa won’t know what’s hit it when turbo-tastic, Geordie Shore legend, Scotty T, lands. Top shagger and official member of the Buck Squad is no stranger to reeling in the ladies and with a roster of exes (or should we say one-nighters) behind him, it is safe to say Scott may end up with a tornado of lasses on the Shore.

Young, confident business owner Helen looks like a mermaid with her long blue hair. But will her eccentric style and clumsy nature attract a Prince on the beach?

Joe, with the ‘cutest curls in town,’ has a refined philosophy for pulling the ladies, which he describes as his graft academy. Question is, how will these skills translate in the Ex on the Beach villa, where anything goes?

Hot-headed Lewis, with the best pout in Hampshire, prides himself on his strong set of morals particularly when it comes to the ladies. He also doesn’t like anyone stepping on his toes. Eeek, what have you got yourself in for Lew?!

Essex School girl, Nancy-May, creates a scene wherever she goes! Nuttie Nance has only ever had two serious relationships and is ready for her next one, but will anyone in the villa float her boat?

Smoking hot, ex-playmate Naomi turns heads wherever she goes, but despite her angelic face, her sassy attitude often gets her in trouble. It is safe to say Naomi will create waves on the beach.

Sweetheart Olivia had her heart broken by her soul mate and is still very much on the road to recovery. Will the paradise in Portugal help our girl next door finally get over her ex, or will her emotions reach new heights?

Youssef or Yo Yo, who dreams of having a rap career, is used to having a multitude of girls. However, joker Yo Yo may find that the last laugh isn’t on him when he meets the rest of the lads and lasses.

The first three seasons of Ex On The Beach were huge rating successes for MTV. This season is set to be more EXplosive than ever. Get ready for unexpected twists, inescapable heartbreak and a multitude of storms forecast to hit the beach.

They might think it’s their beach, but they need to be warned… nothing is as it seems!


9:30pm Wednesday January 20 on MTV.

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