Returning: I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

TEN’s profile Reality series I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! is back from Sunday January 31st.

News Corp reports the date in an article today about the big guns kicking off the ratings season (which starts a week later Sunday February 7).

The show will go up against the Australian Open Men’s Final, just as it did last year (last year it was a 6:30pm start). My Kitchen Rules and Australia’s Got Talent launch a day later, Monday February 1st -at least TEN is avoiding those.

Last year the Australian Open drew 2.08m viewers and I’m a Celebrity pulled nearly 1.2m viewers -both good results for their respective networks. Nine had Cricket at 991,000.

This year TEN also has the companion series I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Now with Joel Creasey and Heather Maltman on ELEVEN, for those who can’t get enough of the franchise.

The newspaper also speculates on Dr. Chris Brown as a potential host for Australian Survivor and Biggest Loser as being “shelved.”


  1. Agree Dr Chris Brown shouldn’t be Survivor Host. 1. Overexposure. CB is great on I’m a Celebrity, the Living Room and Bondi Vet. Already three’s a crowd! 2. Jeff Probst – he’s effectively yelling, he’s so passionate. Plus he’s so into the game of Survivor. While they don’t want a carbon copy of Jeff, they need someone with energy and a clear interest in the strategy of the game. Not sure CB ticks those boxes.

  2. I predict a lot of these reality shows will hover closer to the half million mark, rather than the magic million as fragmentation becomes reality for more and more Australians with their Netflix, recording shows and so many other distractions.

  3. Julia’s comments to Chris last season were pretty forward in their sexual meaning, It was a a bit of a laugh, but reverse them and see what happens.

      • If he was uncomfortable…My argument is valid, would a commercial network let Chris get away with the same comments directed at Julia, No I think not.

        • The context would be completely different, so it would need to be assessed then. It’s not a given that the same rules (should) apply by flipping genders. Hypotheticals aren’t helpful. It depends what is said, how it is said, who invited it, who welcomed it, was there humour, was there grace etc. The whole point of today’s feature was to judge things on their own merits not just re-apply the same criteria across the board. Think I am done on this topic.

          • My point is not about the Mel Mclaughlin and Chris Gayle situation. It’s about double standards. I’m over this topic too. But you did write a follow up article so expect some feedback.
            I made a conscious decision not to comment on this blog anymore as I’m not a part of the commercial network brigade and rarely watch the latest TV shows. I still read your blog but this issue just vexed me. People who jump on their high horse annoy me.
            RIP David Bowie. Earthing, his best album.

  4. I hope TEN brings back The Biggest Loser in 2016. And I don’t know about Chris as host of Australian Survivor. I think The Commando would be a better choice.

  5. I like The Biggest Loser but I think it’s time is done and won’t be upset if it doesn’t return. And Dr. Chris for Survivor? Hmmm…. There’s so much riding on that casting. I don’t dislike him but not convinced he’d be anything more than ok.

    • TBL did not work on several levels. 1, it went to a families format. How could a mixed family compete against 4 Men? 2, the time slot was wrong. This worked at 7pm when it started and they played around with a winning formula. 3, for this to succeed it needs to have a live component to be to engage the viewer more. 4, they need to rotate trainers so alliances don’t get made. The show needed to go back to where it a lo began just like Masterchef did.

  6. Hey David, do you know what Australian network has picked up the rights for the tv show American Crime(with Felicity Huffman and Regina King) and the rights for American Crime Story

  7. I like Dr. Chris but I don’t think he fits the bill for Survivor. Also if he hosts Survivor he is entering Ch7 Denyer levels of over exposure (Bondi Vet, Living Room, Celebrity and potentially Australian Survivor)

    • The x files is scheduled for a premier date of jan 24 10pm in the USA. This is a show that will need to fast tracked immediately. If they hold off too long, goodbye viewers. I’m also wondering about madam secretary and the good wife. They return today USA time and I’m wondering how long ten are going to hold onto those shows.

      • would 10 be that dumb and air it, say a week after the US premiers the x-files 6 parter? If that is the case, then every tom,dick and harry will be looking elsewhere for it. Surely it will be within a 24 time frame, Monday night, 25th January, 8:30pm would be a good idea?

        • If they air it on Monday the 25th it will be the same day as the USA. The problem is that Tuesday 26th is the Australia day public holiday so the question is will they go with it considering there might be people who take the Monday off and have a long weekend? I actually think they have no other choice then to have a same day airing but the excessive promos suggest they won’t do it. They will wait till ratings and have no viewers.

    • I have been wondering the same thing! I was hoping there might be a chance it would be fast tracked, but it looks like they’re giving local content preferential treatment (as it should be), but as an X-Files fan, it’s hard to wait! Just a date, that’s all I want! 🙂

      • They should air it on Australia Day 8.30 there is always a big audience available for public holidays, the day before always suffers.
        It can then settle into a regular Monday 830 slot the following week so it airs fast-tracked!

  8. carolemorrissey

    Oh great, really enjoyed this show last year. If 9 had any sense they would jump the gun on 7 & start Australia’s Got Talent the week before My Kitchen Rules starts. Not everyone wants to watch the tennis. I think it’s a big mistake putting it up against My Kitchen Rules.

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