Returning: The Bridge


The third season of Scandi-noir series The Bridge begins on SBS this week.

It picks up 13 months after the events of the second season.

This series first aired in Denmark in September.

Saga Norén is still working at Malmö County Police, but she misses her only friend Martin Rohde who is serving a ten year prison sentence. Saga, however, is convinced that she did the only right thing by reporting him, and that she cannot be associated with a convicted murderer.

The story starts with when a famous Danish gender activist and owner of Copenhagen’s first gender-neutral children’s nursery is found murdered on a building site in Malmö. Saga is forced to work with a new Danish colleague, who has difficulties in accepting Saga for who she is. They quickly come to the conclusion that the murderer has been very particular about the aesthetics and wanted them to find the body. This marks the beginning of a line of spectacular murders that eventually become personal for Saga and her career looks to be at risk and the questions is raised, can she actually continue working on this case?

Saga’s past catches up with her when her mother unexpectedly arrives, creating unforeseen consequences for Saga.

9.30pm Thursday, 14 January on SBS.


    • Already aired(season 1), but I believe a 2nd season of the Tunnel is either been made or has been made, so hopefully abc air that in 2016 or 2017 @JamieL

  1. Easily the equal of the first two series if not better. The premise on which it is based – Danish and Swedish policy easily travelling between each others’ countries via the eponymous bridge – is now alas a thing of the past. Sweden has just reintroduced border controls, apparently to stop people shopping around for the most generous welfare system, so it’s an hour or so even to get on or off the bridge which is going to throw a spanner into the current plot device of “something happening in Malmo so let’s get there from Copenhagen as soon as possible”. A brilliant series and as the population of Denmark is less than 6 million and they produce so much good stuff like this, Borgen and the Killing, why can’t we, with over 20 million do at least as well?

    • Denmark had an enforced monopoly public service broadcaster with massive funding like the BBC for a long time, and still restrict commercial FTV as we know it severely reducing competition. While Denmark only has a population of 6m, since the first series of Wallander, Scandinavian TV is made to air across Scandinavia, Germany and the UK, and now world wide. They spend 2 years writing and making 10 episodes of a series.

      Australian TV was based around buying up large volumes of US Network, BBC and ITV content cheaply.

      Top Of The Lake is a BBC Worldwide/NZ production (the ABC pulled out after union opposition to an American actress).

      • Yes I’m aware ABC pulled out after opposition to Elisabeth Moss -I broke the story. TOTL still had spend from the UK TV channel here as part of its Aust. drama obligations, plus the creatives, key cast and crew were riddled with Aussies. Second season will be set in Sydney.

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