Sam Johnson: ‘Molly cut the kissing scene’


Actor Sam Johnson says the Seven miniseries Molly doesn’t go far enough in exploring the personal life of its central character Ian ‘Molly‘ Meldrum.

“I’ll tell you something I probably shouldn’t,” he told Jon Faine on ABC Radio.

“There’s a scene where I kiss a bloke … and I thought the sexuality could have been explored more. In the show generally.

Molly actually cut the kissing scene with the bloke.

“As we kiss it cuts out,” he said.

Meldrum, who is a consulting producer on the Mushroom Pictures drama, is recovering from an injury in Thailand where he reportedly went to avoid the attention of the miniseries.

“I said, ‘Molly, why would you cut that out’, and he said, ‘I thought it was gratuitous’,” Johnson said.

“I wanted the kiss in, I wanted it to be in there, it wasn’t gratuitous at all.

“It’s a part of his life, and it was a part that we needed to show whether people like it or not — I mean it’s 2016 for Christ’s sake.

Molly‘s very protective of his image. He doesn’t want to be seen to be a smoker and he’s been chain smoking since he was 10,” Johnson said.

“I don’t think he wants to be seen as either gay or hetero, either, I think he’s just pro-human.”

“It’s weird. I’m still wrapping my head around it, as you can see.”

Molly premieres 8:30pm Sunday February 7 on Seven.


  1. I grew up watching Countdown in the 80s. Molly’s sexuality was alluded to, but clearly, he chose to keep his private life just that, and he never discussed his sexuality in public. If he doesn’t want aspects of his past to feature in a dramatisation of his life (for which he is a consultant), then that’s his right. Samuel needs to respect this and it would be in his best interests not to publicly voice his disapproval of Molly’s choices.

  2. “Molly cut the kissing scene,
    Molly cut the kissing scene,
    Molly cut the kissing scene,
    So we can’t see.

    Sam says put it back again,
    Sam says put it back again,
    Sam says put it back again,
    It’s good TV.”

  3. I fully understand both sides, but ultimately, it’s Molly’s image at stake here, so it’s his call to make. I don’t quite get why he would object to being depicted as a smoker as that doesn’t really carry any adverse connotations the way that one’s sexuality would impact the way that he is perceived by the masses. Some people do not wish to be defined by their sexuality and that should be respected.

    I wonder though, if the cut content will be included as an extra in the home video release.

    • How is Molly defined by his sexuality? He is defined by championing Australian music. It’s one kiss in a 4 hr mini. The Peter Allen story showed us how events in personal life and family resonated through his whole career. If Molly avoids all the personal stuff might we be better off just watching retro eps of Countdown on rage?

  4. Doesn’t surprise me. He seems like he wants to protect his legacy and any mention of his sexuality might put some of his generation offside. It is disappointing however.

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