New-look Sunrise to start from 5:30am

Exclusive: Photos of the new Sunrise set being built as part of a major refresh for 2016.


EXCLUSIVE: Sunrise is refreshing with a new set, new logo & graphics, new segments and new contributors, moving to a 5:30am start from Monday February 1st.

As these exclusive photos show,  a set by US designer Jim Fenhagen is under construction to be installed in studio this week -the on-air team are on the road all week. Fenhagen also designed the current set plus Good Morning America, Good Morning Britain and most recently NBC Today.

Seven Early News, which currently airs at 5:30am will shift to 5am replacing Sunrise Extra and allowing a flow from news into Sunrise.

It means Sunrise will also go head to head with Today which currently has a half-hour jump on Seven (meaning another half hour of sleep denied to Kochie, Sam, Nat & Beretts).

As already noted, Today is also refreshing its set from Monday and rebranding Mornings as Today Extra from February 8th.

Sunrise is also tipped to have more performance areas than it currently enjoys at Martin Place.



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  1. My favourite thing about sunrise and what made it stand out from the rest was the live entertainment in the plaza,the big acts from overseas,just dosent happen any more it’s become so predictable so lame .when I watch sunrise or today they both look the same and feel the same carbon copies of each other just today show is a poor mans version. Don’t why today stick with the old fashioned studio indoors when they could do their show from Darling Harbour every day . Nothing beats a shop front studio.today show is too old school for me .looking forward to seeing the refreshed sunrise.

    1. I love Studio 10! It’s a very interesting show as they discuss a wide variety of topics and with 5 panellists you get an array of opinions. I particularly like Ita and Jess, such intelligent, compassionate women.

  2. daily telegraph are saying maybe Rob Mills because he and also Matt Mitcham did it over summer. Or maybe Angela Cox who is reportedly coming home. I actually didnt mind Sam Mac when he did the weather. Millsy will surely be to busy with his musicals.

  3. Great to see that even though Eddie will finish up doing weather this week she will still have an on air role from that date onwards. Wonder who will replace her James Tobin, Nuala Hafner or someone else. Out of the two I mentioned I’d prefer JT.

  4. Would be nice if the performances received a little more promotion. Appreciate it’s a ‘news’ program, but at least give the acts a mention across the Sunrise/Channel 7 websites. Sure they tend to overhype some, but I’ve only stumbled onto others the day of the show.

    1. That’s a good idea. As I don’t watch the shows I don’t know when a musical guest I like is going to perform so I miss the slot it (unless Mum lets me know ?), if it was promoted I’d tune in to see a live act.

  5. Hmm, don’t know if I like the idea of renaming “Mornings”.
    To me that is a separate show, renaming it “Today Extra” sounds like its going to be treated like a gap filler in between shows that run out of schedule.

  6. If Edwina is moving into the studio, will she be replacing Nat? Hope not. Also, hope the Miss Universe contestant used recently on the Gold Coast is not going to be the new weather lady. She might be good to look at, but don’t think I could listen to her for very long.

  7. “Sunrise is also tipped to have more performance areas than it currently enjoys at Martin Place” Are they moving from Martin Place? Or are the performance areas seperate from the Martin Place studio? Or making new space in that already small area? a bit confused

  8. Was wondering when Sunrise was getting a new set as the current set has become outdated and tired. I recall the existing set came in around this time of year back in 2010. Looking forward to Sunrise starting at 5:30am in competition with Today.
    On a side note, I deplore Nine’s renaming of ‘Mornings’ as ‘Today Extra’. Appears they have copied again copied Channel 7 and appended an ‘Extra’ to the end of their ‘flagship’ morning breakfast program. But I guess the point is moot as Sunrise Extra will be replaced by the ‘extra’ half-hour of Sunrise.

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