TEN improves ad revenue share but Seven still on top


Seven drew the largest revenue share between July and December 2015, but its edge over Nine has diminished, while TEN has improved.

Seven drew 38.5% of revenue share, just ahead of Nine’s 38.2%. TEN was some way behind at 23.2% but it was up from up from 20.4% for the corresponding period a year earlier.

Seven’s revenue was down by 5% over the same period in 2014, while Nine was down by 3%.

Advertising revenue for commercial television networks
July to December 2015

Networks (Capital cities)
Seven: 38.5
Nine 38.2
TEN 23.2


TEN Chief Executive Officer, Paul Anderson, said: “Our revenue performance in the December 2015 half reflects the strong audience and revenue growth and momentum TEN achieved last year.

“The primary TEN channel and Network Ten were the only commercial primary channel and commercial network to increase their prime time audiences in 2015. Our online catch-up and streaming service tenplay also posted very strong audience growth.

“TEN and Network Ten ended 2015 with their highest prime time commercial shares in total people and people 25 to 54 since 2011 and their biggest prime time audiences since 2012,” he said.

“The revenue growth in the December 2015 half highlights the success of our Sales team and our advertising sales partnership with Multi Channel Network [“MCN”], which took effect from 1 September.”


  1. I think the real story here is the vast reduction in advertising revenue in the regional areas. Reductions of double figures year on year must eventually make regional services unviable.

    • Good point CyrusPK. Yes regional TV is in real trouble. They must be worried with the audience decline also. In regional TV advertising it is definately a buyers market. The Internet tidal wave is yet to hit.

  2. Glad to hear that about TEN, hopefully X-Files and Elementary, Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow, Scorpion etc (no news about those two yet) will help, we don’t help any of the network with chunder bucket reality swill

    • It’s evening ratings with FF, The Project feeding into The Bachelor/Bachelorette and Masterchef (Jul), plus the BBL (Dec) boosted Ten’s revenue in that period.

      Ten took 2% share of revenue off 7 and 1% off Nine (evening up Seven and Nine’s figures). The pie shrunk 0.4% over the 6 months.

      Ten will be hoping that the BBL finals, The X-Files and Offspring boost it further. Supernatural, SH rate 150k on secondary channels, Elementary not a lot more on the main channel. But then everybody dramas are bring in much less revenue, except for a few big shows.

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