TEN yet to decide on The Bolt Report


TEN is yet to make a decision on brand-funded programme, The Bolt Report.

The show, hosted by News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt has been on air since 2011.

Yesterday News-owned publication The Australian suggested TEN no longer wanted the show, which Bolt later denied via the Herald-Sun.

“This is not true,” he wrote.

“The issue is that my show is produced by News Corp, and several options are being considered which I can’t discuss and which I am thinking about. If anything, they involve doing more TV, not less.”

A TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight, “At this stage, a decision on a 2016 season of The Bolt Report has not been made, either way.”

The Sunday morning programme is funded by News Corporation meaning it would likely return if News agreed to buy the airtime. Nine’s Financial Review Sunday, similarly funded by Fairfax, ended last March cited as being commercially unviable.

Andrew Bolt, recently voted second Worst Male in the TVT Awards, has also been filming a documentary for ABC with the working title I Can Change Your Mind About Recognition.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I only came here because of the large amount of posts…..never watched…so no opinion…but had to smile at, I am right…no your not …I am right….and never the twain shall meet….I mean, really, why bother?!?….everyone thinks their opinion is the right one..

  2. Those who dislike the lefty media on ABC Insiders will no doubt enjoy The Bolt Report and I guess some former Abbott ministers will feel a bit left out too. Not sure about sponsored political comment though.

  3. jezza the first original one

    I have only ever watched about 10 mins of one episode of the Bolt report, so it makes no odds to me whether it stays or goes. Bolt himself needs a bit of a tv makeover to push the right wing view points in a more positive and friendly style. It would be great tv to get him and Waleed Aly go head to head on the Project once a week. The left are the owners of suppression of free speech, and hate speech, hate crimes and intolerance are dominated by certain religious extremists

  4. Armchair Analyst

    The show would be ok if it discussed a range of issues. The show only blames the left at everything. The right wings peeps will never accept that the right wingers are wrong and neither will the left wingers. Which by the way narrow casting and the fragmentation of the media is making worse. People in OZ are quickly becoming similar to US citizens they believe either one or. Businesswise and ratings wise the show does not stack up poor ratings. One of the main reasons VideoHits was axed was because its ratings dipped atleast thats what then Programmer David Mott alluded to. Like it or not this show is kept alive by News Corp and its interest in TEN.

  5. This has been in the wind for a while now. Bolt hinted to Steve Price on radio a few months back that the show may not be back. Once Abbott got the boot ,Bolt days were numbered as he lost his influence. He has said that he is a mate of Abbotts so that alone made him relevant. Now he is just another bleeding heart.

  6. I think the main issue with The Bolt Report is not the political leanings of the host but rather the paucity of topics discussed. If this show was a person’s only exposure to political discourse then they might think there are four to five political topics only worthy of debate.
    To me it would seem that a more compelling program could be produced by expanding the scope of political topics discussed (which would not require any change in the approach or views of the host) and would make for a more dynamic and informed show.
    There is I fear a tendency to sometimes underestimate the intelligence or breadth of ideas the average viewer may have and the program could be more effective in its aims if it spread its wings just a little.

  7. Would be a big loss as I find his show a refreshing take on things, given the usual one sided coverage from the usual suspects at the ABC.

    TV also needs more Michael Kroger, a very underrated performer

    • ABC one sided, there is more diversity of opinion in 10 mins of any ABC panel show than there is in an entire yrs output of Bolt report, NEWS Corp papers, 2GB and SKY channel combined

        • Secret Squïrrel

          Not ridiculous, not sweeping, and not wrong. Every single independent assessment of the ABC’s news and caff output except one has reaffirmed that it is not biased. The one that found some bias was bias to the right which was a noticeable shift after Howard stacked the Board.

          Just because something isn’t right-wing, doesn’t automatically make it left-wing. Do try to keep up.

          • Sorry, I didn’t realise your idea of balance is having a terrorist sympathiser being given a platform to preach more hate, never mind his cheerleading on Twitter of abuse towards women, that’s ok, you can live in that world. I’m happy where I am

          • Secret Squïrrel

            Way to go with characterising the political slant of an entire network by cherry picking one event during one episode of one program. In case you have trouble working it out, I thought it was a mistake for Q&A to have Mallah in the audience, let alone allow him to ask a question live.

  8. Ten will do what ever News Corp tell them to do, since News Corp’s investment is keeping the lights on and they have seats on the board.

    Bolt isn’t a natural on TV and the show is predictable and hasn’t found much of an audience in 4 years. It would make more sense on Sky News, radio or even as a podcast than on network TV.

      • Secret Squïrrel

        Do you even watch Insiders? Bolt was a regular panelist before he got his own show. They still often have that other Abbott apologist, Akerman, plus plenty of other News Ltd journos including those whose views are clearly on the right.

        • Yes, but insiders will always be a 3 left to 1 right panel. Bolt is always 2 right to 1 left. I think that as Bolt is anti Turnbull it won’t be back as TBR’s backers will not wont negative talk about the libs

          • Yes, the reason the show is in trouble is that ‘TBR’s backers dont wont negative talk about the libs’. Nothing to do with the terrible ratings.

  9. Shaun Micallef and Charlie Pickering are 100% dependant on Andrew Bolt for cheap laughs now they don’t have Tony Abbott to kick around any more. Maybe the ABC should fund The Bolt Report.

    • at least he isn’t afraid to debate serious political topics, which a lot of the time I agree with. At least he goes into the real hot topics, where as the left media just ignore a lot of the topics, that Andrew manages to cover

  10. Surely he will be getting a gig with Sky News with the other bastions of right wing politics led by Spears,Kenny & Murray, channel that is becoming a clone if Fox News in the US which if you need a laugh on how biased a channel can be watch Fox News

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